You Are Too Much - 당신은 너무합니다 - Episode 45 (Sub)

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26 comment(s)
alice 172 days ago
why the sub is to late...please sub it now
komala 180 days ago
Admin please need sub...
Lei 222 days ago
The scenes are repeatedly endless and without sense anymore. The topic stayed the same, even the dialogs stopped dangling over him becoming the President's son. And him hating his mother. He doesn't want it. He wants to marry Haedang, so what's the fuzz?. He doesn' t consider her his mother anyway. Just plainly BS
Kim Taeyeon 229 days ago
I'm dropping this.. I expected something normal and not retarded.
Blackturtle 264 days ago
Admin still no sub
Jinja13 292 days ago
@Admin...They are working now thank you.
Jinja13 292 days ago
@Admin....the subs are not working thanks much.
Aya 292 days ago
Is it just me or that guy who's married to that woman 6 years older than himself, looks like Taehyung in a fatter version lol
Aya 298 days ago
Wow, I can;t believe how you are.. it doesn't seem you even care about the drama, is this drama only about KHS? NO. KHS will not come back as she QUIT the drama, stop ruining the mood here please. I too am upset she left but I'm not going to stop watching cause the actress left do you even think how the replacement actress feels? a lot of people have dropped the rating in Korea which make her feel embarrassed and pathetic.
AngelaB. 298 days ago
I don't care for the replacement either. She lacks charisma. Hope KHS recovers.
t 299 days ago
I will stop watching too, the replacement actress is not match with the KHS'S role.
Lour 300 days ago
The replacement actress has no appeal..sorry i will stop watching this drama..actually i watched this drama because of khs..
Aya 300 days ago
Ku Hye-Sun quit the drama she has severe acute allergies so this other actress will fill in for her until the end, unfortunately, it seems the viewer's rate has gone down as well :'( Please stay and watch even tough KHS isn't here. I was starting to like her acting cause it seems more realistic.
Lour 300 days ago
Where is khs...different appeal
t 305 days ago
almost of family weekend drama have same story a strong and lovely woman and businessman's son will together finally. I am watching this drama because of lovely KHS but I found out its story is interesting and I hope its ending be different from other K drama so bind guy and KHS be together with good ending.
Aya 305 days ago
Yass!! Yoo Jina's son is going to get his sight back!!! after surgery~!!!!
Aya 307 days ago
@ADMIN Subs please?
Aya 313 days ago
@Admin,Subtitles pleasy ❔😊💗
Park Aya 313 days ago
first it was kang joon, then gongmyung, after that Taehwan and now Taeoh sheesh 5urprise always 5urprises me with their acting & singing!! anyways does anyone know the song that hyesun and YJN always singing?
kamutehqu 313 days ago
The name of the blind guy is KANG TAE OH.. he's a member of 5urprise...
Pk 314 days ago
What is the name of "blind" guy
Park Aya 314 days ago
i wonder if hes ever going to get his eyesight back in the drama
Park Aya 314 days ago
Why am I getting this feeling Gu hyesun is going to start dating the singers son? he's really handsome sad that he is "blind"
Ayayayayayyay 319 days ago
Look Kang In Kyung from that sun in the sky :p im an expert at recognizing actors
Aya 319 days ago
Normally I dont like the actress Gu hyesun but it seems that she will do well this time! ^^
AngelaB. 320 days ago
Very original drama with two of my favorite actresses.Tnank you.
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