The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed - 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 - Episode 55 (Sub)

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13 comment(s)
AngelaB. 1 day ago
Can't stand T j's sister.What a witch and he doesn't fight back.
AngelaB. 7 days ago
Why do all k dramas depict the rich so arrogantly?I'm sure there must be some kind rich people in Korea and in dramas. I would like to see some as I'm tired of the same plots tat are full of hateful rich people.
Sohyang 15 days ago
Admin, thank you so very much for adding the "open" download link to episode 44.
Sohyang 15 days ago
Admin, can't download episode 44, please add "Open" download link. I appreciate your help.
Chaewon 18 days ago
Can you please add "Openload" download link for episode 44. Thanks
Lin 22 days ago
@Admin, this episode is not opening
Admin 28 days ago
@xolinaley | Is it un-locked yet ?
xolinaley 28 days ago
the screen shows the message locked and wont play or show download links i have talked to my friend and she is having the same problem and she uses a different web browser to me can yu please fix this thank you
AngelaB. 54 days ago
Cute drama with such a handsome male lead. Thank you.
Terri 57 days ago
When i try to watch the Rose of Sharon has Bloomed ep 17 it goes to ep 1
davina 61 days ago
Ep 14 cracked me up! Wasn't expecting that funny reaction from Mr Handsome at the convenience store.
Erika 64 days ago
@ADMIN There are no subs for episode 12 even though it says that it's subbed.
reechan 79 days ago
i never seen all casts in another drama. refreshing to see new actors and different story. lets hope it doesnt become a stupid storyline and bad acting coz it seems all newbies actors to