The Perfect Match - 極品絕配 - Episode 10 (Sub)

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31 comment(s)
AngelaB. 55 days ago
Started out liking this drama but it became very drawn out.I don't feel any real love between the main characters.
dee 66 days ago
i guess they are axtended to 21 eps. i already episode 20,in end of the episode they was preview for upcoming episode. gosh it is getting more draggy.
xolinaley 71 days ago
why does it say there are 18 episodes when there are more please can you correct this
lovely 80 days ago
it should be ended in 18 eps.due the high ratings they are adding more eps until 20.
Nayuka_Nari 87 days ago
Best "morning after" scene I've ever seen!! This Tdrama has fresh, but related, material each episode. It is a masterpiece of dramas.
Nayuka_Nari 87 days ago
The gf had no right to smack his face. She was caught. She was punished. He gave her chance after chance. I guess it was typical of her character (the role) to not accept responsibility, hence, she smacked him. She's lucky that is all.
Nayuka_Nari 87 days ago
It's not a "bento" (Japanese, and delicious), it's a "bian-dan"(Taiwanese, and delicious). I was watching him make the rissoles/patties, and realized...hey, I have all those ingredients in my kitchen! So, pausing for a moment, I just got hungry!
Nayuka_Nari 87 days ago
Can this guy get any more perfect? First, his kisses changed my breakfast totally, then he is humble, cleans the bathroom, cross dresses, charms a vendor into using his kitchen stall, feeds a lonely man...this drama doesn't fail in anyway.
lovely 87 days ago
thanks admin for the subs. usually takes 2 days we can get the subs. but today just one day. really appreciate your hard work. just can't wait to watch last episode next week..
fan40 92 days ago
The breakfast scene .... JUST PERFECT !!!
Joyce 93 days ago
Sound is missing from parts of ep. 3 & 4.
Admin 104 days ago
@che | Pls try with other server
che 104 days ago
admin please fix your video please i watch to watch in your site,but the problem your video uploaded is not working
che 104 days ago
admin why ost of your uploaded drama video recently is not said its not supported by MMA..please can you please fix it please i was watching in other site because i cannot play your video uploaded.thank you so much
Monali 107 days ago
Hello admin, is there a problem with the site. Cant open any of the videos. 360 and 720p are not working. Other servers are also not playing. Whats happening
lovely 107 days ago
subs for ep 14 please
reechan 114 days ago
still waiting for subs for ep 13. @admin fighting!!
sid 117 days ago
admin the video at 360p is working for any shows pls fix this. thank you
Makmur 120 days ago
Admin where the download link
Makmur 121 days ago
Admin please add the download link. tq
reechan 121 days ago
subs pls for ep 12
Makmur 127 days ago
Admin please add the download link
Just Someone 142 days ago
So many lines from subs are missing....
Makmur 163 days ago
Admin please add the download link. Tq
Makmur 164 days ago
Admin please add the download link, tq
reechan 164 days ago
thank you admin for your super fast subs
Makmur 170 days ago
Admin please the download link
makmur 177 days ago
admin please add the download link for episode 4
AngelaB. 184 days ago
Lovely romantic comedy with very likeable actors. Thank you.
reechan 185 days ago
woaaahhh you are so fast admin. thank you for the subs
dee 191 days ago
it seems this drama is worth to watch
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