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Sister is Alive - 언니는 살아있다 - Episode 20 (Sub)

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24 comment(s)
UNKNOWN.. 5 days ago
So don't talk if you don't know what I mean
UNKNOWN.. 5 days ago
Aya I said I wrote under the name Amy and another sentence I said and marlyn I love to correct others .
UNKNOWN.. 6 days ago
Shut up u tell me bitch back to you
UNKNOWN.. 6 days ago
Marlyn and aya I correct other have u evernot correct someone​
Kim Taeyeon 20 days ago
*secondly *the *I
Kim Taeyeon 20 days ago
I agree with you Aya, I hope that Dalhee doesn't end up with Sejoon because even tough he is childish that's what makes him cute and childish character, he isn't a bad person his mom is the one who created a mess for him, secondly Dalhee shouldn't end p with any of them but that stalker or that asshole who works with her at the company, I really don't see Hari with Kichan if that happens i'll drop the drama because it's just wrong, but i totally see Hari with Sejoon, Sejoon needs a girl like Hari who will teach him and put him in place, I hope that Dalhee goes to jail and gets a big whip and slap across her face and ass, and I hope Sekyung feels he burn and that Hwaseong her husband divorces her and marries Eunhyang-ah then that the chairman leaves Deul-lae alone and moves on with his life.
Park Aya 20 days ago
I like this drama since it's not just focusing on one character but many which makes it interesting to watch~! 언니가 살아있다! 화이팅~ ^^
Aya 23 days ago
Lmao, Namnam so if you wrote under the name Marlyn then why would you "love to correct others" when Marlyn isn't someone else but you? does that even make any sense? if you want to not feel dumb then stop contradicting yourself.. lol
Marlyn 26 days ago
Bitch I'm Marilyn and you've never been me... asshole.
Namnam 41 days ago
Yeah I admit i'm the one who wrote under the name Amy and marlyn im happy cause I love to correct others I don't think i'm bad or something.... And park aya thanks for the nice try :) by the way good drama it is worth watching.
Park Aya 41 days ago
I agree, Marlyn, I used to be the person who always autocorrected people but I realized doing that would make me look like a sarcastic asshole, and make people feel dumb anyways only teenagers do that nowadays lmao. And Namanam it's so obvious you're the one who commented under the name Amy, nice try tough lmao.
Marlyn 41 days ago
Plus it was my stupid auto correct, just like it made my reply sound weird
Marlyn 41 days ago
Marlyn 41 days ago
why would i Ben thankful? Correcting others is as good as making the music look dumb, and third off Amy??? There's no AMy that ever commented before....that's probably yourself. @Namanam
AngelaB. 48 days ago
I'm really enjoying this drama.Love all the actors.Every character has their own story.Thank you.
Amy 48 days ago
Yeah namanam is right
Namanam 48 days ago
Namanam 48 days ago
Marlyn im not rude well I will not not tell you that your the one being sooo rude and I don't care which country you are from (china,Japan,korea, Sweden) and you should be thankful im telling you the correct name it is ~LEE SERA~ ok?
Marlyn 48 days ago
Stop trying to correct others it's rude and no one asked you, and second off there is no true way of translating Korean names correctly... lm living in Korea unlike you.
Namanam 55 days ago
It is not Lee Sarah but Lee Sera
Marlyn 55 days ago
I hope dal hee goes down soon, she was a poor sad character and now she's acting like a greedy bitch trying to live as park sera, reminding me of Strange family (Samwol) trying to live as Lee Sarah. I hope sejoon ends with the girl that grabbed his hair
Namanam 62 days ago
Ep 4 is ep 2 please fix
Namanam 62 days ago
Ep 3 is ep 1 please fix
AngelaB. 65 days ago
Don't like Dal Hae and the way she treats her father. Will watch it for the other actors. Thank you.
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