Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2 - 恶魔少爷别吻我 第二季 - Episode 3 (Sub)

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yiemei 93 days ago
Pls sub the remaining unsubbed episodes
Aqilah 97 days ago
When will the last 3 episode be subbed? I'm "falling" in love with Li Hongyi. He's so damn handsome.....
Aya 109 days ago
@Admin thank you so much!!
jelly 110 days ago
chu xia finally grew a backbone in 16 and told qi lu off
Aya 110 days ago
Chuxia just marry Hanyu, he's grandpa already likes her and so does Hanyu, he liked her from the very beginning.
Aya 110 days ago
Mrt 114 days ago
Please sub for epi 16-19 thanks owner ^^
Aya 117 days ago
Can you sub episode 16? please & I mean Lei Wang Ngai
Aya 117 days ago
😍💗💘💖😻🇨🇳 Li Hongyi's birthday is 3 days before me ~ and he so damn handsome, he looks better than the celebrities at my entertainment.. maybe 🛅🛫🇨🇳 destination CHINA and ind an entertainment there? hahah joking I can't do that.
Mrt 118 days ago
Please sub for epi 15-19
Ad Min 119 days ago
Kristine sorry but not now.
a 119 days ago
@ Kristine no thanks
Monali 120 days ago
Admin please sub this drama faster. Currently there are no interesting dramas anyway. But still subbing for this drama so late
Kristine 120 days ago
Admin---please eng sub fool in love and memory lost both Chinese drama...thank you
Fighting guys👏👍😃
Aya 120 days ago
Thanks admin from "Meeting you drama" I wasn't expecting that you'd do it fastly
Aya 121 days ago
@Admin can you stop subbing other chinese dramas and sub at least ep 10 please?
Uknown 123 days ago
@admin, sorry for troubling you :P thanks for doing what I asked for, sorry I can't help you with the other episodes :))
Vg 123 days ago
Please subtitles ep 10 & 11 ad in
AYa 123 days ago
@admin please sub quickly
Aya 123 days ago
@Admin Please find sub, and if you know Chinese please sub this
Nil 124 days ago
Admin..Need sub
Vg 126 days ago
And Admin...thanks so much for subs and making this available....
Vg 126 days ago
Admin...sorry...just does not show up for when casting...sorry
Vg 126 days ago
Admin..subs not showing for ep 9....thx for your kindly attention.
[email protected] 127 days ago
[email protected] 127 days ago
So much admin for the sub..
Aya 131 days ago
@Admin, can you sub this? if you need any help let me know I know some chinese ppl who could help you^
Shireen 134 days ago
Dear admin, i noticed that this was updated and released until episode 8. Could you please upload as soon as possible. Thank you.
reechan 136 days ago
season 2 didnt tell much about the

leads relationship progress. slow pace and sometimes dragging from main story. but i still wanna know how main leads love story.