I’m Sorry Kang Nam Goo - 아임 쏘리 강남구 - Episode 99 (Sub)

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50 comment(s)
davina 43 days ago
Thank you, subbers and the Admin team. What a deserving ending. I have enjoyed the series , so congratulations to the script writer(s)
Lin 44 days ago
@Admin, no subs
Chaewon 46 days ago
Episode 114 - Get message "We can't find the file you are looking for..." when trying to download
Lin 60 days ago
@Admin, no episode today?
Lin 71 days ago
Meant to say links are not downloading. Ooops
Lin 71 days ago
@Admin, please give me feedback, the links are working at all. Hdfree. Where have you gone?
Lin 71 days ago
@admin links aren't loading
Lin 71 days ago
@Admin the link isn't downloading
Jinja13 81 days ago
Is there a problem with the subs for episode 92....
Help 86 days ago
I can't seem to watch any of the videos after the new changes. What should I do? I am currently using Chrome
Chaewon 87 days ago
What happen to the "Download Link"?
Lin 95 days ago
Progress at lat
Chaewon 110 days ago
Admin 110 days ago
@Chaewon | Its fixed. Thanks
Chaewon 110 days ago
Correction: It downloads episode 26 of "The Woman's Sea" instead of episode 72 for "I'm Sorry Kang Nam Goo".
Chaewon 110 days ago
When clicking the download button it downloads episode 39 of "The Woman's Sea" instead of episode 72 for I'm Sorry Kang Nam Goo
pete37 114 days ago
what a pit of vipers! so apinful to watch MA being harmed once again. More evil than MiL is the puffy beady uncle!
Lin 115 days ago
@Admin it still not working sorry guys.
Admin 116 days ago
@Lin | Its fixed. Thanks
Lin 116 days ago
@Admin, episode 68 ain't loading, tried all the provided links still zilch.
Erika 116 days ago
@Admin EP 68 won't load.
davina 117 days ago
i hope Mdm Botox ex- MiL will be punished soon. She is evil , thats why she has been separated from her biological son.
sf 121 days ago
What is happening with this drama lately? Why the episodes are coming out so late.
davina 121 days ago
MA is quite stiff in her role, she seems uncomfortable as MA the wife and NamSil the amnesic .
sf 122 days ago
episode 65 please.
Aya 138 days ago
I wasn't watching this bc people were complaining about it, but it it good or bad? watch or not?
Bridgit 151 days ago
Thanks Lin
Lin 151 days ago
@Bridgit you can send a message through Messenger, they do respond.
Bridgit 152 days ago
Bridgit 152 days ago
I am sorry to inform you that I will not continue to use your website as I have complained before about ads that take over your site. Now I get Pornographic ads, that is not acceptable. My 8 year old granddaughter uses my phone from time to time to view some shows and I would be horrified if she sees one of those ads. I know that you have to pay for the site but there should be more suitable ads, for all ages, to be displayed. Surely you don't want to lose majority of your viewer because of ads. I view on my phone and don't want to download other search engines just to view your website when other sites use less intrusive ads. I do use the RSS app, but I like to comment and view if new episodes have been released on your website but if the ads don't get better I will stop using your site altogether.
Thank you for your consideration.
davina 163 days ago
DH and his mother and uncle are vile. Twistiing and conniving so blatantly to rid of poor MA. Wish I could splash something on the fake mother's botoxed face. grrrr
Lin 163 days ago
All I can come up with at the moment is Lord give me strength. The writer has hit the wall and they don't know what to do next. Grrrrrrrrrhhhh
AngelaB. 171 days ago
DH really doesn't want to abandon his wife. I think he really loves her.I don't know how a person could change so drastically for money.There must be another reason.
Lin 172 days ago
Admin subs please thank you.
Lin 178 days ago
The way DH is going to divorce MA to save his mother, we know the senators daughter can't have children, my wish is if MA gets married to KNG, please could they have quads, or triplets or even twin babies. DH will want a child one day but nothing will come out of it. Please writers I just want to MA happy with KNG at least in their thriving huge business. DH's mother will beg MA for forgiveness.
davina 178 days ago
MA shows her moral strength even tho she is oppressed by DH and evil MiL. Keep growing MA!
Lin 185 days ago
Lin 186 days ago
How dumb is MA, when you get hold of such evidence you don't show that hand too quickly, there is always time and place for revealing such incriminating eveidence. I bet she blew her chance now. MIL and JT will easily bury her. Again something tells me JT is up to something bigger than MA and will use that later to eliminate MIL.
Lin 186 days ago
How was all that even possible. I am routing for MA to get out of that house and bring it down bit by bit.
davina 187 days ago
evil MIL is so irritating. Ugly inside and outside.
AngelaB. 192 days ago
This drama started out well but now it's too annoying and hateful.Can't take it. Will watch the end.
Lin 193 days ago
@Admin, I am absolutely knackered of your pop ups. Every 5 minutes, effing pop ups three quarters of the time. I simple feel robbed
Janet 196 days ago
@Lin, I will also not stand being slapped and bullied if I were staying in SKorea !
Janet 196 days ago
@Lin, the typical k drama abuse and slapping will be out soon. BTW I have given up Always Spring, cant stand MS and his two daughters but I will miss my hero ...
Lin 196 days ago
@Janet I was thinking, how mother in law slapped the other woman to show authority, thank God I don't live there, had she done it to me, her face would have looked like a field that just has been ploughed by a tractor. The woman like being thrumped like piñata. DH end up with an infertile woman, MA should take her son when she lives that lion's den.
Janet 199 days ago
@Lin, I am also watching Love is Drop by Drop, pretty good.

I agree the most evil person is not TJ but his sister in law. Very arrogant and nasty.
Lin 200 days ago
@Janet my favorite drama at the moment is Love is drop by drop. This one is currently jumbled, when things settle maybe it will have a sense of direction. The most evil person in this drama is not tha TJ, but DH's mother. I wish some of these timid daughter in laws slap these old hags back.
Janet 205 days ago
@Lin, yes I am watching this and haven't skipped a single episode so far. It's early days yet. Are you just watching it ?
Lin 205 days ago
@Janet, have you been following this drama? Miss your realistic opinions.
AngelaB. 213 days ago
Although a little similar to other dramas,the actors are so talented and likeable that you can't help but look forward to the next episode. Thank you.