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Father is Strange - 아버지가 이상해 - Episode 32 (Sub)

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20 comment(s)
Me 19 days ago
I love this drama, so funny especially the lawyer daughter love life, it relieved your stress...it happens in real world ..
Alessandra Dee 28 days ago
@AngelaB. You do realize that this is a korean drama, right? As they've said in the drama itself they live in such society where cohabitating prior to marriage is frowned upon. The storyline wouldn't make much sense if it were conformed to US society, right?
Infinite 34 days ago
Thank you for posting ep 23 fast
AngelaB. 47 days ago
The mother should have real problems.What a miserable hateful woman to hit her daughter and treat her like a tramp.She should wake up it's the 21st.century.
Louren 69 days ago
Correction...trying hard actor in this drama, so boring..
Louren 69 days ago
The most interesting and entertaining story is the lady lawyer lee yoori and his boyfriend, then the pregnant and the brother, the yoga instructor and his co worker but the inspiring actor boring story and i don't like the actor itself...actually the story of the lady lawyer is funny..
Park Aya 75 days ago
I like.
Jinja13 75 days ago
Getting constant redirects and now no videos are showing up on page
Jinja13 75 days ago
Getting constant redirects and now no videos are showing up on page
Aya 96 days ago
Haha Hyunryon from Saimdang Light's Diary is here (the little kid who asks his uncle for kimbab)
Aya 97 days ago
Lol the guy hwayoung likes here is the one in the web drama three color fantasy: queen of the ring, and he was in splash splash love as well (both with seulgi)
Lour 104 days ago
I love this story..i love lee yuri..
Aya 110 days ago
And Misook from Person who gives happiness
Aya 110 days ago
Oh look Oh Hani from the drama "Playful Kiss" taking her resume photograph.
Aya 110 days ago
I'm aware of those things of my country which I'm living in and i am.
Aya 110 days ago
they did HORRIBLE THINGS, second off I wasn't talking to you so mind your own business if you even have one...어리석은 소녀 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
AngelaB. 110 days ago
Love the story and actors.Thank you.
nana 110 days ago
@Aya why are you so affected? do you know them personally? frankly your post comes across as bitter and more nastier than anything they may or may not have done. Keep your negativity off the boards, we don't want it spreading in here.
El 111 days ago
The video player isn't working. Same thing with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the play button is grayed out
Aya 111 days ago
You know what sucks? that bitch fake ass hwayoung is here, and her bitchy asshole twin is in golden pouch no wonder why they became actresses they always fake their lives 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕~ nasty attitudes
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