A Korean Odyssey - 화유기 - Episode 5 (Sub)

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79 comment(s)
Cheemama81 4 hours ago
OMG.. this drama was the best.. they sure choose the right actor and actress for it.. I gave a 100% perfect thump up.. fighting... 😍😍😍😘
su 1 day ago
how to download? i have try and failed.
rizza mae 2 days ago
Segun 3 days ago
One love
kai 4 days ago
love this drama
NEKO 5 days ago
its not working for me at all for the last month.
this website states cannot log on to not imbedded to etc.
im sad my favorite website for dramas
kat 5 days ago
for episode 6
kat 5 days ago
the is video not loading
Admin 5 days ago
@lyu | Try with other browser
lyu 5 days ago
There no eng sub
lyu 5 days ago
There no eng sub
cza raalalla 5 days ago
cant wait for next ep
cza raalalla 5 days ago
episode 6 is 💓
Anna 5 days ago
This is the best
dtwl 5 days ago
EP 5 sub out of sync
jelly 6 days ago
good one
Emily 6 days ago
NathanakDusunTingas 6 days ago
love hwayugi
arjay manjares 6 days ago
I love hwayugi
Wyniel Sabanal 7 days ago
when will be the release of ep 5?
judd 7 days ago
All the cast are awesome❤❤❤
abegail 7 days ago
Pls..i really want to.
Wyniel Sabanal 8 days ago
i badly need to watch this drama. Awesome!
carla 11 days ago
I love this drama
nelie kwon 12 days ago
katherine sibayan 12 days ago
This is the best😍
Sophia Jean Dacayon 12 days ago
very very nice drama
What 13 days ago
Where is the ep 4???? what???
cherry 13 days ago
how to download?
Gulrani 13 days ago
No sub at all
Vandana 13 days ago
Okay then! Thanks for letting me know.
Admin 13 days ago
@Vandana | We will provide link download ep 3 after this ep be subbed completed.
Vandana 13 days ago
I can't seem to able to download Episode 3 at all :(
Julie 13 days ago
Thank you
Admin 13 days ago
@che | First, you click link episode what you want download, then choose server Openload Or Uptobox to download.
che 13 days ago
how to download?
unknown 13 days ago
can anyone tell me how to download this episode.
mekei 13 days ago
Just let me download it. jebal!
Em em 13 days ago
Why if i tried to download it cant continue
vivian alba 13 days ago
How to download?
vivian alba 13 days ago
I want to watch this
Taehyung 13 days ago
I love this drama
samsaramsamsam 14 days ago
download link for ep3 with eng sub pleaaaase
stacy riza garcia 14 days ago
i love this drama..
Kishelle 14 days ago
Oeichi 14 days ago
Waiting pls
chelsey 14 days ago
there are no English subtitles for the 3rd episode
chelsey 14 days ago
Why is the show a Korean odyssey not in English sub?
Eyjun 17 days ago
Steady crta tok
rahman 19 days ago
cool movie
Kathlene yu 19 days ago
Edna 23 days ago
Love this movie
Jenny 23 days ago
There's no subtitle in ep 2
Jaye 24 days ago
Love this new Drama
kit reyes 24 days ago
i want to watch
sandra 24 days ago
Bongjili kropi 25 days ago
Its a good drama to watch
nard 25 days ago
cool and amazing k drama
jayr 25 days ago
Parkx 25 days ago
Episode 2 of a korean odyssey isn't workning.
Shamiel Rose Palmares 25 days ago
Shamiel Rose Palmares 25 days ago
ep3 plssss huhuhu
Daryll Jade Calaycay 25 days ago
Daryll Jade Calaycay 25 days ago
Addicting and good drama
Mark Kevin Jay Cebricus 25 days ago
Mark Kevin Jay Cebricus 25 days ago
Addicting Drama
nid 25 days ago
Ok, nice
PAU 26 days ago
Rochelle 26 days ago
Gerald 26 days ago
Nikita 26 days ago
Frech Lyn 26 days ago
it's a nice movie!
Faye 26 days ago
Fayw 26 days ago
1 27 days ago
pppppp 27 days ago
marygary 27 days ago
ep 2 isnt fully uploaded, pls fix :)
Hasmah 28 days ago
Admin, when we can expect this to be subbed? I so look fwd to watch d show with sub. Thanks in advance..
Asuna13 28 days ago
Good Drama
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