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FastDrama V-Focus - 獨家保鑣

V-Focus - 獨家保鑣 - Ep65 END

Category: Taiwan Drama 2016
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Episode(s): 65 Status: Ep65 END Country: Taiwan
Language: Taiwanese Subtitle: English
Cast: Melvin Sia, Jennifer Hong, Yorke Sun, Huang Wei Ting
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Jiang Zhi Heng is normally named "The Bodyguard" due to his sharp ways as a security adviser. As Zhi Heng and Zhou Xin Yi, two old enemies are heading to a news event, they accidentally crash into an uninhabited island, there they'll need to work together to survive and to make all the efforts to escape.
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30 comment(s)
Yannis 139 days ago
Hi Admin, can you please upload download link for Ep 62? Thx!!
Alicia 143 days ago
Ep 62 to ep 65 video not working and it keeps stuck and broken too
neani 149 days ago
@Admin why there is no download link in epi 62?
Admin 169 days ago
@ad | we will fix shortly. Thanks
ad 169 days ago
ADMIN it's still not working- and there is no option for 360/720- episode 53
i refreshed the page and it only works at the beginning and not the rest of video
Admin 169 days ago
@ad | Its working now. Pls click on 360;720 button to try again
ad 169 days ago
ADMIN video is not working- frozen
lisa 176 days ago
Tq admin. Tq so much.
Admin 176 days ago
@lisa | PLs wait 5 minutes
lisa 176 days ago
Dearadmin. Ep 48 from minutes at 07.44 the sub is not suitable. Please fix it. Please quickly. I desperated to watch. Tq so much.
Shireen 189 days ago
Dear admin, please fix the download link for episode 1. Thank you.
Shireen 189 days ago
Dear admin, please fix the download link for episode 1. Thank you.
Admin 195 days ago
@Lisa | Maybe you should check CC button.Thanks
Lisa 196 days ago
Hii admin. Ep 34 titled sub but i play with chrome still no sub. Tq
Admin 200 days ago
@lisa | we will add download link as soon as the Subtitle s is completed
lisa 200 days ago
Night admin. Why ep 31's download link is so late today. Tq
lisa 203 days ago
Okay, tq admin. Love u so much.
Admin 204 days ago
@lisa | we'll add download link soon
Admin 204 days ago
@lisa | PLs try to use Google Chrome. Thanks
lisa 204 days ago
Hi admin. Still no sub for ep 28. Please add sub and download link. Tq so much.
Admin 208 days ago
@lisa | we fixed. you can download now
lisa 208 days ago
Hi admin. Ok. I'll wait. I dont know why today i cant download from openload.co. if admin have other download link. Tq so much
Admin 208 days ago
@lisa | pls wait few min
lisa 208 days ago
hhi Admin. is there another download link except openload.co ? tq admin
Admin 208 days ago
@Yannis | We will fix soon. Thanks for report
Yannis 208 days ago
Hi Admin, is download link for Ep 23 full? I downloaded it, but it's only until 23mins
AngelaB. 212 days ago
Excellent actors and story. Thank you .
Yannis 236 days ago
Hi Admin, eps 4 & 5 download links are Diamond Lovers ^^
Admin 237 days ago
@Yannis | You can download now
Yannis 237 days ago
Hi Admin, can upload download links for eps 4 & 5 please? Thanks
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