FastDrama U Prince Series: The Lovely Geologist

U Prince Series: The Lovely Geologist - Ep04

Other name: U-Prince Series ตอน Lovely Geologist หนุ่มหล่อหน้าใสตื๊อหัวใจอ้อนรัก
Category: Thailand Drama 2016
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, School
Release: Aug 14, 2016
Status: Ep04 Country: Thailand
Language: Thailand Subtitle: English
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The new grand campaign called the U-Prince introduces 12 handsome male ambassadors from each university and 12 lucky girls are chosen to date them. The third Prince is called T-Rex and he is majoring in Geology at the Faculty of Science. He is known for being a huge fan of dinosaurs. One day he falls in love with a girl and decides to persistently pursue her, especially after he finds out that she has a boyfriend who treats her badly. Will he be able to melt her heart?
4 comment(s)
Jui 397 days ago
Where the 5th episode
Jui 414 days ago
Awesome it
santi 416 days ago
where the 3rd episods? is it today?
Maria 427 days ago
He is so adorable, I love it ! Cuteness overload
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