FastDrama The Star Courts the Moon - Dao Kaew Duen

The Star Courts the Moon - Dao Kaew Duen - Ep11

Other name: ดาวเกี้ยวเดือน
Category: Thailand Drama 2016
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance
Status: Ep11 Country: Thailand
Language: Thailand Subtitle: English
Cast: Athichart Chumnanon, Janie Tienphosuwan, Wilaisak Phitsamai, Sosothikul Karoon
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Prakaidao (Dao) is a modern, independent career woman and a confirmed bachelorette looking to have a child through in vitro fertilization and without getting married. Chai is both rich and attractive, but is also very focused on his career. He is a perfectionist and has impossibly high standards for a future wife, which is why he still remains single at 35. Dao starts searching for the best biological father for her child and finds Chai meets her exacting standards. She decides to become friends with him in order to verify his viability, but luck isn't on her side and through a series of unfortunate incidences he sees her as a troublesome woman and distrusts her. Will she manage to achieve her goal of having a child with Chai without the entanglements of a relationship?
2 comment(s)
M 382 days ago
She only as one pair of shoes ??
Julia 382 days ago
Its not a real lakorn until all te women have contacts on !!!
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