FastDrama The Shining Eun-Soo - 빛나라 은수

The Shining Eun-Soo - 빛나라 은수 - Ep125 END

Other name: Still Loving You, I Still Love You, Bit Na and Eun Soo
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Drama, Family
Release: Nov 28, 2016 - 2017
Episode(s): 120 Status: Ep125 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: KBS1 Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Lee Young-Eun, Park Ha-Na, Kim Dong-Joon, Choi Jung-Won
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A girl and a woman meet as student and teacher. 7 years later, they become sisters-in-law through marrying brothers and even become stepsisters after remarriage of parents.

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AngelaB. 186 days ago
I hate BN too and I wish someone would tell her off and smack her in the face.I also hate the female doctors mother who also deserves a good telling off and smack.
AngelaB. 187 days ago
I can't watch your dramas because the amazon ad blocks the screen and can't be deleted.Please try and fix it.Thanks.
AngelaB. 190 days ago
Enjoyed this episode 115. Very funny.
Louren 199 days ago
This drama is no longer interesting, sister in law boring story, ES mother another boring love story..but as of now I am into mystery queen , so entertaining, no dull episodes, i love the lead actress and the lead actor..
Namanam 202 days ago
Guys calm down and don't say to bitna bi**h maybe because her acting is awesome
AngelaB. 205 days ago
A lot of time and energy goes into making k dramas. We.should not complain because they're free but they could shorten them.I' ll still keep watching.Thank you all for your hard work.
Louren 207 days ago
Yeah, the sister in law of ES story is boring ..just to divert the topic of bitchna..writer please bitchna must be punish, its not fair, her classmate surrender and been punished, why she is not...i hate this drama..too unfair..
AngelaB. 211 days ago
Sorry but meant to say BN should not be forgiven.
AngelaB. 211 days ago
If BN comes back ES should not be forgiven until she makes amends for what she has done.She should make public what she did,pay for ES to go back to teaching and pay her for the years of lost salary and if tries to boss her or anyone else around or not do her fair share of work, she should be thrown out.
Louren 213 days ago
I will stop watching this drama, it seems no justice for ES. They make bitchna pitiful, gosh, its reasonable if the lies doesn't harm someone but bitchna lies causes someone put in justice at all....
lala 214 days ago
That was so sad I am happy that bitna apologized to eunsoo
AngelaB. 215 days ago
I could never forgive BN if she was a family member.People don't change.Let her go live with her hateful grandmother.
Louren 215 days ago
I think the pregnant is the daughter, the sister in law of ES...writer, we need justice of bitchna lying, she must go to jail..ES was sentenced 6 months in jail and served it..she must also be convicted as criminal and served in prison..i think writer you are projecting korea's justice is not fair...
Louren 220 days ago
Why is it writer, you make ES a villain this time, making bitchna pitiful, if she miscarry fault of ES. I think in Korean drama i have seen, they tolerate liars even it is proven, it is bad to koreans image writer, example to your president, she was sentenced because she lies regardless of whatever...writer be responsible for the good of your country...
Aya 221 days ago
Tomorrow is the episode of REFRESHMENT I hate Bitna. I have a question what does "shed light upon it" mean?
Aya 226 days ago
Yea!!!!!!! Bitchna and her kid is gonna live in jail~~~~~~~~~
AngelaB. 229 days ago
Why can't everyone mind their own business.They all have free will and they should be able to choose the life and love that they want.I'm so sick of everybody minding each other's business.Theyre all adults not babies.
Lour 232 days ago
I hope the writer will not blame ES for bitchna miscarry soon...writer please twist the drama advantage to ES..
Aya 234 days ago
I hate this "I'm pregnant" cliche in dramas it is so annoying, it's like the writers used that when they lack ideas and use that cliche as a scapegoat. anyone else?
AngelaB. 239 days ago
Revenge is so sweet.Finally the guilty will be punished.
Aya 247 days ago
south korea
Aya 247 days ago
Anyways today's episode I saw air yesterday and got really happy but of course, I can't see it until I'm done with my training & wow it seems like Bitna & Soohyun gonna have a fight~!! right now here in korea its 4:13 AM
Aya 247 days ago
@Sour stop acting SOUR.
Lour 253 days ago
Thanks for the information. Actually I have been waiting for episode 74.
Aya 255 days ago
Bitna & Soohyun with the fish was so funny 😂 & @Lin no problem :P
Lin 257 days ago
@Aya, @AngelaB I see you guys are still watching, I read your comments for update, keep on the good work guys.
Aya 257 days ago
Hahaha, Did Soohyun & Sooho swapped haircuts? 🤔😂😂😂😂
AngelaB. 263 days ago
It's only a movie and Did you ever hear of free speech?
Sour 267 days ago
no one cares about your opinion. Keep your NEGATIVITY to yourself or stop commenting here.
Sour 267 days ago
AngelaB. 269 days ago
Too much hatefulness.
AngelaB. 270 days ago
I think SH isn't ready for marriage.ES should give him time to succeed.She has to ammend her past by seeking restitution from BN and she has to be strong and fight back.She andSH deserve each other because they're both kind and loving.I'm sure they'll wind up together
AngelaB. 271 days ago
In the real world people don't change. Bitches will always be bitches. The good should stay with the good and to hell with everybody else even if it's family.
Lour 275 days ago
So kilig to the bones marriage proosal..
Sour 277 days ago
Just commenting to comment :p I feel ya.
Lour 278 days ago
My gosh..i love them kissing SH and ES..hehehe..i am thrilled and happy...
AngelaB. 278 days ago
I hate BN and I wish her marriage would fall apart or she gets a terminal disease.
Lour 285 days ago
Love love this drama..ES and so sweet ..SH is very handsome..hope they will kiss again..
Aya 287 days ago
@ADMIN ^^ 사람들이 내 이름으로 나를 찾을 수 있습니까? 관리자?
Aya 287 days ago
i hate when i forget to not put my full name
Aya 287 days ago
@Lin & Foodie v
Park Aya 287 days ago
The show is starting to move up the pace!! ^^ kinda getting better now what d you think?~ 관리자는 시청자를 위해 모든 것을 보조하기 위해 열심히 노력했습니다~!.
Kookiechu 290 days ago
Can you let me know when the subs for episode 48 will be out?
And thank you so much for the working hard on the subs for us.
진심으로 감사합니다 ^^
Louren 290 days ago
Soo Hoo is so cute..when he gosh..a chilling feelings to the bone..
AngelaB. 291 days ago
SH is such a sweet clean cut young guy.He must be a really be a kind and loving person. The girl who marries him is really lucky.Thank you for such a
Really enjoy this drama. SH is such a cute clean cut young guy. He must be like that all the time. The girl who marries him will be
Lin 293 days ago
@Admin subs please,
Louren 293 days ago
Oh my gosh, they kissed..its funny and sweet of SH..i love this drama
Aya 295 days ago
Its nice to see old people work out to Playing with fire by BLACKPINK. :'D
stella 296 days ago
i really really love the story especially the love team of SH and ES.
Louren 298 days ago
SH is so so cute when he smiles, melt my heart ..i love the story..i love this drama
Aya 298 days ago
@ADMIN SUBS? please? ^^
Aya 298 days ago
I hate those character who pretend to be nice and then "Bite" after. & you?
Aya 298 days ago
@Foodie, Yeah! Well seen how it went i'm glad that ES didn't fall for BN's plan.
Louren 298 days ago
Sub pls
Louren 306 days ago
I love this drama.. Yeah, change the wife bitna..i hope a twist of story, the older brother will fell in love to ES..and the younger brother triangle..bitna will go balistic and crazily jealous to ES...whatever..
Foodie 306 days ago
@Aya- I still haven’t watched episode 35, but I think you’re right. The apology she is going to give is gonna be half ass since we know she’s evil to the bone. She’s probably only saying that because she already hatched a plan to take ES down. In order not to bring too much suspicion onto herself she’s playing the “I’m sorry” card. I’m not buying it and I know viewers aren’t either. I just hope ES doesn’t buy into her crappy apology. The only way I would probably, and that’s a big probably, forgive her is if she went down on her knees and begged for forgiveness for the rest of her life.
Park Aya 306 days ago
Jes the preview is goodddd.
Aya 309 days ago
Unless she's acting as if she's sorry since ES probably won't give up her job and she's scared about ES telling her husband, and ES mom telling the same to her mother-in-law. What do you think @ Lin? & everyone else?
Aya 309 days ago
I love how the webtoon artist said he wouldn't wanna lie about that to SoonMin XP and I'm looking forward to the next episode on why BN is saying sorry to ES.. It's weird.
Louren 310 days ago
I love to see ES and SH kiss on the lips..soo hoo is very handsome, adorable, funny and eun soo is funny , pretty and entertaining with soo hoo..this drama is beautifully the chemistry of eun soo and soo hoo
Foodie 310 days ago
@Lin- Lol our leading man is in love.
There’s no way she’ll be able to fire her. She has no authority over the company. I’m sure she’ll convince SH to fire her, but that won’t happen since the chairman likes ES. He’s also seeing the positive changes in his son (due to ES influences) so joining the family is going to be smooth sailing for our leading lady. Once ES marries into the family it’s game over for BN. I wonder if that’s also going to be when all of the secrets come out.
Lin 310 days ago
@Foodie, @[email protected], don't you just love how YS only listens to ES, that is so cute. He follows her like a lost puppy. I hope BN doesn't get ES fired from the firm again. Please grow ES huge bull balls, to stand up to that bully. Please let's see her BN squirm for a change. Let ES shine in her job and win many bosses hearts before the viper strikes.
Foodie 311 days ago
@Dara Shin- Me too. They have great chemistry.
Foodie 311 days ago
@Lin- I love these two as well (ES and YS). Episode 32 was so funny. When they’re together they make me laugh so much. YS is seriously hilarious. I laugh so much every time he screams because he’s mad or frustrated. I want to see a love triangle between Soo Min, ES brother, and webtoon guy. I loathe them, but this is the one instance where I want to see it happen.

ES volunteering is driving me insane. Ok fine, you want to do the extra work great, but don’t volunteer other people for it too.

Hahaha BN look was priceless. What I don’t get is a few episodes back she read intern on ES nametag. What did she think she was an intern for? The one great thing about all this is that BN has no power or control over ES and her mother. ES is working for a company that BN doesn’t own and has no power over. Her mother started her own business and is her own boss so she can refuse to help a customer without being reprimanded for it.
Dara Shin 311 days ago
I want to see EunSoo kiss Sooho soooooonnnnn!!! anywone?
Aya 311 days ago
@Lin, I agree!
Lin 311 days ago
@Foodie, I just love ES and YS, my favourite couple to be. The webtoon guy will end up with SH's sister. That aunt should fly on her broom stick elsewhere. Her voice is annoying, ES reminds of a woman I used to work with, she volunteered almost for anything. She drove us crazy however, she was just a natural sweet person who had no life after hours. But did you see BN panicky even more when she saw ES and YS after dropping SH. That was a priceless look.
Louren 313 days ago
I love this drama..i like the actors..interesting drama
Foodie 313 days ago
@Lin- The story is finally coming together. I still don’t understand why the producer and writer chose to include SH aunt. She has absolutely no relevance to the story. She doesn’t add to story. She’s driving me insane with her English phrase. I’ve been fast-forwarding all her solo parts. I really like SH father as he can see right through BN and isn’t swayed by $$ like his wife. I also like SH sister, glasses guy, and ES brother. I wonder whom she’ll end up with.
Lin 316 days ago
@Aya, I mean the sister, whose life was messed by Bitna, the wardrobe people can do better than this. They didn't kiss, he was blowing something in her eye. ES drunk was the best episode, she was funny.
Aya 319 days ago
did eunsoo and the little kids dad kissed?
Aya 320 days ago
@ADmin when to subs come out? @ Lin you mean EunHo? if its him i guess its to show that he's poor and can't afford exxpensive clothes that looks nice.
Lin 321 days ago
@Aya what do you think of EH clothes, dowdy and old.
Aya 323 days ago
Ok! Thnx!!^^
Admin 323 days ago
@Aya | The sub for ep24 is not available now. we wil update as fast as possible
Aya 323 days ago
@Admin when will subs be uploaded? ^0^ looking forward to the next episode
Bridgit 334 days ago
RSS app
Bridgit 334 days ago
Admin: That did it! I have been rerouted off of you site 12 times in the last 3 minutes. Until you find a way to advertise in a less obtrusive way, especially for mobile users, I will not visit you site. I will not even use the ROSS app anymore.
Bridgit 334 days ago
Admin you have got to do something about these ads. Why do you have ads that take you viewers off of your site?
AngelaB. 334 days ago
Excellent drama that portrays the power of the rich just like here in the U.S. Love all the actors. Deserves a higher rating.Thank you.
Lin 338 days ago
@Foodie, I have fast forwarded a lot in this drama too. From my point of view, this story seems jumbled a lot, mush mash, too many brats and stupid storylines for the old ones. At the moment I can't seem to fathom who will end up with who. There are too many male and female leads. The guy with big ears, wide mouth like Prince Charles, where did he come from? I see he is a son to that couple who run a diner, and he is look for an investors. Then the original female lead who trained to be a teacher now foes odd jobs after that brat and that ugly old woman messed her life. The rest of the brats where they came from just confuses me. There is too much activity within the drama, don't know whether I am coming or going, hence I am now curious to know where this mishmash wagon train is going. If @Anita and Janet are not watching, they are missing in this train ride I am experiencing.
Foodie 339 days ago
@Lin- I've fast-forwarded so much of it (mainly the little brats parts). I still haven't watched this weeks episode so I'm not sure if she's still the same or if she's changed.
Lin 341 days ago
@Janet, @Foodie, @Anita, after taking time watching this drama, I think it's quite okay. At least fast forward button works whenever I don't like stuff. But I think I will give this drama a chance.
Bridgit 354 days ago
Episode 2 is cut short by 1and 1/2 min.
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