FastDrama The Return of Superman - 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다

The Return of Superman - 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 - Ep200

Other name: Superman Is Back
Category: Korea TVShow 2015
Genre(s): Lifestyle, Variety
Status: Ep200 Country: Korea
Broadcast: KBS Language: Korean Subtitle: English
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Celebrity dads are left to care for their kids alone for 48 hours, while their wives leave the home to enjoy some relaxing time off. The wives are shown leaving the home before the 48 hours begins and coming back to greet their family once the 48 hours have ended. During the 48 hours the dads and children are either doing a task the wives have written out for the dads to complete or the dads explore new activities with their kids. Occasionally the dads' friends or family members will stop by to interact with the kids.

Get an up-close look at celebrity dads who are tasked with caring for their kids for the next 48 hours, while their wives enjoy relaxing retreats. These famous fathers — Tablo, Lee Hwi Jae, Choo Sung Hoon, Jang Hyun Sung and Lee Hyun Woo — must adhere to their wives' laundry lists, but end up shuttling their adorable kids around on silly adventures, including a Big Bang concert. Featuring random visits from celebrity friends for star-powered family fun.

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Admin 8 days ago
@Rosita | Pls try again
Rosita 8 days ago
Ep 199 is not loading. Please fix. Thank you.
Pichikabd 120 days ago
Ep 183: @ 1:14:26 when seungjae was encouraging rohee. What' song is that playing? Can anyone pls tell?
Rainne15 254 days ago
No download button @ep 36
Admin 306 days ago
@subaru | Try to use Download button. Tks
subaru 306 days ago
How to download? Is the subs come with the video if i download it?
subaru 307 days ago
Internet is veru slow to watch dis..😔
daebaaak 317 days ago
3rd anniversary already? How time flies. 😄
bo gum 324 days ago
Hopefully sub is early
miu 336 days ago button pls :)
eric 337 days ago
Sub please. Why late 😢
mimi 337 days ago
when is d sub out:(
jo ha 337 days ago
Sub subs sub
daebak 337 days ago
When will sub out?
Bing~byeol 342 days ago
In which epi did leehyun woo come?
soo ra on 344 days ago
Admin,when sub is out?
This episode of lee twins and daebak's family is hilarious..even without subs i'm laughing so hard :D
Really made my day..😄
daebak 351 days ago
Daebak i miss you
yuhu 366 days ago
When is subs out?
MrMarvin2000 379 days ago
Thank you for posting the episodes of The Return of Superman with subtitles, ahead of every other site.
anon 379 days ago
Daebak so cuteee..
SH-HS couple 393 days ago
im so touched Seo A...
Bianca405 393 days ago
I always like Soo A and I liker her even more after seing this episode
SeoInguk_islove 400 days ago
wooooaahhhh i missed Lohee.... and oh! it's Sin Se Yun...
Lei 410 days ago
Think-differently, we are all watching a show, a tv show. Television is a powerful technology that influences either negatively or positively most viewers. Its not just entertainment per se....of course, there were cameramen behind a SHOW. Do i need to really spell it out? Let us be objective, shows like this gets ratings from and improves it because of us viewers. Opinions are opinions, negative or positive, it will improve belive me, the flow of the story in a show.
Let's be open-minded.
Lei 410 days ago
Alex Dee, i am aware that cameras and adults are with them the whole time, thus we see them on tv. That' s a given. However, this is a show, showing that kids that age can take the subway by themselves. But of course, i am not taking away that we are of different practices and laws because we are in different countries. Iam just saying that it can't happen in the United States. If it happens in your country, well and good. I am just merely voicing out my views. We need to be objective.
sherylmpiape 417 days ago
Rohee is so cute...
Think-differently 421 days ago
I don't think sending two children to take a subway is a problem. It is actually practiced in Japan for kids to go to school on their own. Nevertheless, there is a lot of assumptions made. After all, there isn't any fact to prove that the production send them to take the subway. I think there is the need to considerate your thoughts before writing them down. Words can hurt, people.
Alex Dee 421 days ago
@Lei how could they be truly alone? The camera men and producers were with them rhe whole time. No parent would send their kids to the subway alone, you know.
Erna 421 days ago
Why is there no link for downloading? :(
faye 421 days ago
subs for ep. 140 please thank you!
Lei 428 days ago
For real?..the production just send two small children to take a subway to find their dad...that is very illegal. Parents could be charge with neglect. In mycountry, it is damn stupid. I am not even allowed to leave a child at home alone until he/she is thirteen (13) or above
Sunghoon-Hyesun (SH-HS Couple) 434 days ago
@Jq, nope...
Jq 436 days ago
Is Rohee out of episode already
Sarah 438 days ago
No subs
Sunghoon-Hyesun (SH-HS Couple) 441 days ago
here is Lee Dong Wook again... Daebakie must be happy to see his favorite uncle.... so no Lohee next week?
SeoInguk_islove 449 days ago
what happened?,... im in the middle but then it say coming soon?
Jq 449 days ago
Dear admin, is sub ready
Charmaine 455 days ago
Admin since you changed the sever 1 I can no longer view the episodes, plz change back to JW player on server 1..
Juju 455 days ago
and omggg they played fire of BTS during The twns and daebaks parttsss
Juju 455 days ago
Meant Rohui its not Lohee pleas stop putting Lohee..
Juju 455 days ago
Dying to miss the dads, moms, and children, Tablo his wife and Haru, Sarang sunghoon and his Shiho, Triplets and dad, ext.. again no lohee.. (sighh)
SeoInguk_islove 455 days ago
very good job Da Eulah, you just revealed an good looking VJ LOL..... no Lohee again (sign)
Admin 456 days ago
@k | Pls chẹck again
Admin 456 days ago
@k | We did not change the download server. Only if there are subtitles, the server 1 will be changed to server 2.
k 456 days ago
admin can you return server 1 to previous version please? i can't download anymore since you change server 1...thanks
Min-Tae team five children 476 days ago
Indeed Taeyoungssi is a perfect dad, Lohee have grown a lot after not seeing her for about 3 eps... and Daebak always daebak.,.
Mimi 477 days ago
Download link for ep132?
Admin 481 days ago
@pau. | Pls wait a few minutes
pau. 481 days ago
download link please in ep 131. thank you
pukpuk 481 days ago
Missing the old dads already..
ela 481 days ago
There is no download link in episode 131. :((
Min-Tae team five children 483 days ago
i missed Lohee so much... Happy birthday Loheeya... Daebak is indeed a daebak, what a little gentleman..
sherylpiape 484 days ago
Im inlove with Daebak..
pau. 485 days ago
Waiting for english sub. ❍.❍
Yani 491 days ago
Subs please!! Thank you!
Sara 491 days ago
Please add subs soon! Thank you! I miss Ro Hee... Where they at?! Always waiting for this every monday.
Jq 492 days ago
Where is Rohee & his dad...didnt exit from future show yet right.pcan admin reply this question please!!
jade 492 days ago
Man for Oh Ji HO to be so good looking, his daughter is not pretty at all, this blew my mind. He even said shes not pretty but she has her charm(of course ALL babies have their charm but this kid is.... u**y, he is absolutely right!
Jq 498 days ago
Admin, when is rohee appearing for the return of superman
Jq 499 days ago
Admin,Rohee family is no longer in tue superman show ..or temporary period
Yani 504 days ago
No ep 28 yet?
Naima 504 days ago
Runtime error."?why?
Yani 505 days ago
Still no sub....:(
mimi 505 days ago
when will ep 128 be sub?
Jq 520 days ago
Rohee smiled is as prettybas her beautiful mum..sweet little girl
Admin 520 days ago
mimi 520 days ago
when will ep 126 be sub?
Amma 540 days ago
Hey! Admin! The Family is not Lo Hui! ITs ROHUI. NOT LOHUI.FIX IT PLEASE.
Shirley 547 days ago
Dear Admin,Can i have the download link.Thanks a lot
Exolover 549 days ago
Where are the subs for ep 121
Naima 553 days ago
Ep 121
Naima 553 days ago
Thank you for your hard work❤️
Admin 553 days ago
Naima 553 days ago
No sub
And other server
Bug bug too much
Somi 568 days ago
Thanks admin I will wait
Admin 568 days ago
We adding hardsub, so will update another server about 1-2 hour
Somi 568 days ago
Admin It's hard to play the server can you please put another server?
Admin 575 days ago
Updated button download
Admin 575 days ago
What's happen with this server?
Somi 575 days ago
Can you put other server
Admin 588 days ago
Pls click button "download" again.
desy 588 days ago
where i can find the subtitle?
i was download this episode but there's no subtitle
Enggar 699 days ago
i take lots of lessons by watching this variety shows. the cuteness of the casts increases my interest in watching this show.
Admin 730 days ago
ana 730 days ago
wrong episode
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