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FastDrama The Legend Of Chusen Season 2 - 诛仙青云志2

The Legend Of Chusen Season 2 - 诛仙青云志2 - Ep18 END

Other name: Zhu Xian Qingyun 2, Qingyun Chi 2
Category: China Drama 2016
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Release: Dec 08, 2016
Status: Ep18 END Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English, Chinese
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After the non-ending of season 1, I know that a lot of you have been clamoring for information on Legend of Chusen 诛仙青云志 and I have just the thing to make your day because season 2 begins its exclusive webcast on Dec. 8 for QQ VIP members while its network broadcast is slated for January or February next year. Here's to hoping that some kind soul uploads the entire thing online. Li Yi Feng (Sparrow) undergoes a noticeable transformation inside and out. Gone are the kind eyes of an earnest Zhang Xiao Fan as it is replaced with the piercing stare of a sinister Gui Li, the right-hand man of Gui Wang and a force to be reckoned with. A big part of season 2 will revolve around trying to revive Zhao Li Ying's (Princess Agents) character though how long she will stay unconscious remains a very big question mark. It's highly possible that the focus will be on Yang Zi (Legend of Dragon Pearl) instead. The rest of the cast also returns and it includes Shu Chang, Qin Jun Jie (The Lost Tomb 2), Cheng Yi, Mao Zi Jun (The Four), Liu Xue Yi, Jiao Jun Yan (Medical Examiner Dr. Qin) and Bai Xue.
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20 comment(s)
Admin 114 days ago
@Naza | Thanks
Naza 114 days ago
hi admin.. The Legend of Chusen 2. already sub till ep 8 now.. please update
ALex 122 days ago
Hi Admin,

Please subs the episodes.
Ashru 126 days ago
Eng sub plz from ep 5 onwards dear admins. Thsnx.
tahmineh 127 days ago
again and again thanks dear admin for hardworking. but I am waiting for subs uploading. although I don't know what will be the ending of this drama but I hope its ending don't be sad and be like to laughing in the wind drama with Li Yi feng and Zhao li ying as leader artists.
Cat 2 130 days ago
Thanks Admin, appreciate it
Admin 130 days ago
@Cat 2 | Its fixed
Cat 2 130 days ago
Hello Adm, chapter 16 download link does not re-act the download icon at the bottom of the screen keeps displaying error, please help, thanks.
Troy 134 days ago
Very good story line. Enjoyable. Job well done by the team
Cat 2 136 days ago
Hello Adm, thank you so much and Happy New Year too
Admin 136 days ago
@Cat 2 | Its fixed
Cat 2 136 days ago
Hello Adm, download link and download icon does not work, please help, many thanks.
Regina 139 days ago
hi admin espisode12 cannot download pls fix tks.
Regina 139 days ago
hi admin espisode 11 cannot download pls fix tks.
Regina 139 days ago
hi admin espisode 10 cannot download....pls fix tks.
tahmineh 145 days ago
Thanks admin for subs. I like this drama and like xiao fan and bi yao. the Xiao fan journey without bi Yao is very sadness but her soul presence is very charming, affective and unreplaceable with anybody in this show. please update other eps with subs soon, waiting is so tiring.
tamao 145 days ago
ep 2 no sub?
Kungfupanda 155 days ago
English Sub Please.
tahmineh 156 days ago
thanks admin but where is engsub? please update that
Edward 160 days ago
Please upldate english subtitle
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