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FastDrama That Sun in the Sky - 저 하늘에 태양이

That Sun in the Sky - 저 하늘에 태양이 - Ep121 END

Other name: TV Novel – That Sun in the Sky , TV小說-在天空中的太陽 , TV소설 – 저 하늘에 태양이 , Reaching for the Stars
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Period, Family
Runtime: Monday to Friday 09:00
Status: Ep121 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: KBS2 Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Hwang Seung Gi Writer(s): Kim Ji Wan, Lee Jin Suk
Cast: Yoon Ah Jung, Lee Min Woo, No Young Hak, Kim Hye Ji
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A girl from the 1970s countryside overcomes all obstacles and becomes Korea’s best actress.
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21 comment(s)
Aya 119 days ago
Good Ending, but what's the drama in the end? looks like the same filming locations from this drama :\
Aya 128 days ago
I'm sick and tired of InKyungs pace she looks like a 지랄하네. seriously its annoying.
Crimson Sky 156 days ago
Cool someone else has a similar username @RedSky :p
Anyways MinWoo serves him just, I still thinnk hes going to live cause HeeAe is probably going to be there, and save Minwoo or fall down with him otherwise it'd be awesome! :p
Admin 185 days ago
@RedSky | we will fix soon
RedSky 185 days ago
That Sun in the Sky Episode 5 & 21, when you click on download it shows that 'openload can not find the file'. Please fix. Thanks
Admin 199 days ago
@carrie | It's working now. Pls refresh browser to try again. Thanks
carrie 199 days ago
the videos aren't working
Kim Chae Won 204 days ago
CMW is in the drama "20 twenty again," Anyways I'm getting tired of this chicken headed drama! _
Kim Chae Won 208 days ago
Seung Joon-ie is so "kyeopta" you would say in romanized korean :p
Kim Chae Won 208 days ago
I'm watching like..7+2=9 dramas (0_0) I'm dying + I have school *gun at head*
Kim Chae Won 210 days ago
Cha Min Woo, that bastard! I'm getting a bad feeling...
Kim Chae Won 212 days ago
Funny, I see someone else here with the same name \^o^/ !
Kim Chae Won 212 days ago
@Admin when do subs come out? I'm so anxious to see it, I can already watch it since I'm Korean but my friends don't know Korean and they want to watch it with me.
Chaewon 228 days ago
Admin 228 days ago
@Chaewon | we fixed. try again
Chaewon 228 days ago
Korean Drama "That Sun in the Sky" Episode 43, when you click on download it downloads episodes 94 of "Here Comes Love" instead of episode 43 of "That Sun in the Sky". Please fix. Thanks
Admin 232 days ago
@sf | pls wait few hour
sf 232 days ago
Where is the subs for ep. 40 and where is ep. 41?
exo-chanyeol-bts-v-ifnt-l-nct-taeyong-got7-jackson-are-my-boyfriends 277 days ago
When are subs coming for ep 8 Im waiting :'( @Admin
sf 278 days ago
Please, do something with that banner with the logo of facebook, twitter etc. It covers the title of dramas and it is very annoying.
AngelaB 289 days ago
I't has good actors and interesting story so I'm going to give it a try. When I think of all the work that went into producing this drama I want to watch it.
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