FastDrama Teacher Oh Soon Nam - 훈장 오순남

Teacher Oh Soon Nam - 훈장 오순남 - Ep106

Category: Korea Drama 2017
Genre(s): Melodrama, Romance
Release: April 24, 2017
Episode(s): 120 Status: Ep106 Country: Korea
Broadcast: MBC Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Park Shi Eun, Goo Bon Seung, Han Soo Yun, Jang Seung Jo
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A female school teacher and a daughter-in-law to the eldest son of a family loses everything in one day and try to make her daughter’s dream come true.
15 comment(s)
Azlina 10 days ago
Problem with fast drama web episode need reloading pls advice tq
Admin 47 days ago
@Susan Kunin | Can you let us see your screenshot on disqus ?
Susan Kunin 47 days ago
I have had a lot of trouble trying to watch video's on your site. The space is white and blank and no video at all. Once in a great while it works, very rarely. I have written to you several times and have NEVER received a response. I do not have this trouble on any other site, Please have the courtesy to respond!
Susan Kunin 48 days ago
I am getting very tired of the mothers forgetfulness condition already. Sometimes the writers just don't know when to stop!
Susan Kunin 59 days ago
Jinja13 69 days ago
Episode 54 is only 13 minutes????
When you first uploaded the raw last week it was the full episode.
Please rectify the error if possible.
Thanks much
Jinja13 115 days ago
Cheers and thank you....
katherine 115 days ago
Thanks so much for the subs!
You guys are great!!
Jinja13 116 days ago
Why are the subs for this drama delayed....They are usually just a day behind.
Korean 118 days ago
I cant watch the ep20 because there is no sub title.
Judy 129 days ago
Since yesterday I'm having problems in watching the Korean dramas. Today it's the worst after 5am EST. After clicking on the link the video is black with the 'close ad' button on and not playing no matter how long I waited. Please tell me what's wrong. Also after using your website my google chrome always have other advertisements coming in through new tabs. Is your website safe at all?
Peach 147 days ago
why's is there the same actress from Sister is alive?
Lee Min Ah 147 days ago
Okay calling now!
Park Aya 147 days ago
Anya, I have a lot to do & I have other dramas I'm watching. ^^ Unnie call me when you see this~
Lee Min Ah 147 days ago
@Park Ah Ya/ @Aya are you going to watch this one?
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