FastDrama Sweet Enemy - 달콤한 원수

Sweet Enemy - 달콤한 원수 - Ep72

Other name: 甜蜜的敵人,Dalkomhan Wonsoo, Sweet Revenge
Category: Korea Drama 2017
Genre(s): Family, Melodrama
Release: Jun 12, 2017 Runtime: Monday to Friday 08:30
Episode(s): 120 Status: Ep72 Country: Korea
Broadcast: SBS Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Park Eun Hye, Yoo Geon, Lee Jae Woo, Park Young Rin, Lee Bo Hee, Choi Ja Hye
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When Oh Dal Nim (Park Eun Hye) is falsely accused of murder, she decides to take revenge on those responsible for her misery.
48 comment(s)
sf 1 day ago
....and disturbing.
sf 1 day ago
Dear adm. Why did you change the background colour, from white to blue. Don't make senseless changes which do not bring anything extra qualitatively. This change is totally useless.
John 3 days ago
Thank you admin for fixing the problem
merdewi 4 days ago
I agree with you @me I can't help but feel frustrated watching this drama. I wish I could see SH put his foot and reject the marriage..SN doesn't deserve him and I would love to watch for once that SN is beaten in this fight and let DN feel the glory.
Me 5 days ago
Writer this week episodes, I am disappointed because it is SN evil doings again. I will stop watching this drama, Imagine another dummy character, still hanging the identity of DN, SN schemes continue winning over good . Probably episodes 100 onward , we will be able to appreciates the substance of this drama.
Lou 7 days ago
I hate today's episode and surely the next episodes are not entertaining. I wish writer even you keep on hanging the true identity of DN , the dominating evil doings of SN , actually this makes the drama boring, can you please add a sweet gest between DN and SH , on that scenes we will positively continue to watch this drama. Writer you creates SN evil deeds empowered the good deeds , its boring already...we need more love scenes of DN and SH and a downfall of SN every evil scheme and more bulls of SH against dominating SN..
John 13 days ago
John 13 days ago
Tried different servers, the minute I type fast drama,my, everything crushes. Pops ups , link breaking, screen freezing etc.
Anita 13 days ago
Whilst watching it keeps reloading after about 10 to 15 mins. And, the error message appears. Very frustrating
yeo 14 days ago
admin change old player.. and change you url again.. many pop block coming.. damn
Admin 15 days ago
@John | Let change browser and try again.
John 15 days ago
@Admin just checking if you can receive this , still no change. Link not responding completely.
John 15 days ago
@Admin, I am baffled as to how and why these links break every 5 mins. My network functions 120% better with or anything else except on fastdrama since last week. Like today I haven't even watched my fav dramas because it's breaks continuously today.
Lin 18 days ago
@Admin, is the system down?
Lin 19 days ago
@Admin, episode 59 already aired in some sites, are we getting it soon?
Admin 24 days ago
@Rosita | It's still working now, you can try with other browsers
Rosita 24 days ago
Hi, I haven't been able to access for the past 2 days now. When I clicked on the arrow, it doesn't load the video but opens up a new tab. Is down? Can't watch any drama at all.
AngelaB. 26 days ago
Have the same problem as Lin plus multiple ads.
Lin 27 days ago
@admin, the links have been breaking every 3-6 minutes, sending an error message. Not in this drama only but in quite a few Kdramas since yesterday. And there is the Aple pop up advert that won't go away. Please help.
Lin 33 days ago
Is the subber back from summer break by any chance?
AngelaB. 35 days ago
I'm unable to watch this drama because of ad after ad.Please help. Thank you
I'm unable to watch this drama because of ad after ad.Please help if possible.Thank you.
Lin 35 days ago
I bet the person who subs this drama not in this week
Lin 35 days ago
Episode 47 showed in other channels already, please admin
Zosima Narvaez 36 days ago
Sweet enemy ep 46 eng sub
Me 39 days ago
Please writer, we want more sweet scenes between dal nim and so ho with the killer fiancee looking up dying of will not bored intimate moments to chill us..
Me 39 days ago
Please writer , ok another plot accusing dal nim , it becoming boring, can you inject a sweet sceneario between dal nim and so ho , a cihill moments for us viewers . We love to see dal nim and so ho together with the killer girl dying of jealousy... more scenes of so ho and dal nim sweet to each other..
AngelaB. 46 days ago
All the evil people are portrayed so well.I can't wait to see them get their just rewards.I hope.
Ilou 47 days ago
I love this drama..
AngelaB. 48 days ago
Can't wait to see all the evil doers get their just punishment.I margined how all the innocent people in prisons all over the world feel.This drama gives you a feel of how evil people can be so unfeeling towards others who are less fortunate.
Lin 48 days ago
Thanks admin, it looks like someone forgot to upload episode 38.
Lin 49 days ago
@Admin, thank you for last time, but the subs are incomplete today, the link keeps breaking
Admin 55 days ago
@Lin | We will fix asap or you can change server to watch
Lin 55 days ago
@Admin the eng subs are gone.
Lin 55 days ago
Now the subs are gone, this morning the links were not opening.
Samantha 57 days ago
Hi Admin,
I am unable to download the drama through internet explorer and chrome.
Please advice.
Lin 57 days ago
@Admin eng subs please.
Erika 60 days ago
@Admin Sweet Enemy Ep 30 won't load
El 60 days ago
Can't play the video on this site.😢😢
orrangee 62 days ago
can't play all the videos on this site
Admin 64 days ago
@applelim | It''s fixed, tks for report!
applelim 64 days ago
All videos not working on this site!!
debrainke 69 days ago
Not a fan of the redesigned site. Will take some getting use to.
Gong 77 days ago
What a stupid drama... Evil women murdering others, the good woman being framed for murder. So predictable. From the poster, you know the good woman ends up with the guy all the women want.
Me 77 days ago
I love the drama, its fast and thrilling..i am watching this drama all the way...
AngelaB. 82 days ago
Very disappointed in the way this drama is progressing.I'll just fast forward till the end.I'm really enjoying the drama suspicious partner.
Lin 83 days ago
Hnmmmm feels like I have watched this drama before
AngelaB. 97 days ago
Looks like a good drama. I like all the actors.Thank you.
Kpop 107 days ago
Cant wait
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