FastDrama Suspicious Partner - 수상한 파트너

Suspicious Partner - 수상한 파트너 - Ep40 END

Other name: Yi Yeojareul Joshimhaseyo, Beware of This Woman, Be Careful of This Woman, Soosanghan Romaenseu, Watch Out For This Woman, 이 여자를 조심하세요, Suspicious Romance, Soosanghan Pateuneo, 수상한 로맨스, Love in Trouble
Category: Korea Drama 2017
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Thriller
Release: May 10 - July 13, 2017 Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:00
Episode(s): 40 Status: Ep40 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: SBS Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon, Nara
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A forgetful killer can be a dangerous thing. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) is a prosecutor who changes jobs to become a private attorney at a powerful law firm. Meanwhile, Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is a prosecutor trainee who works with prosecutor Cha Yoo Jung (Nara), Ji Wook’s ex-girlfriend who desperately wants to win him back. Attorney Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) is a longtime family friend of Ji Wook’s but harbors some resentment about their different family circumstances.

When a murderer strikes, Bong Hee suddenly finds herself as a suspect in the murder. But it appears the real killer has amnesia, and the killer keeps coming after Bong Hee and Ji Wook. Can the two team up to catch the forgetful killer?

32 comment(s)
Bongbong 114 days ago
Why download is not working😢😢 please make it working....i want to wacth it
Robina 133 days ago
Admin Why 360p or any other player is not working for me. Please help..
Alayna 147 days ago
I haven't cried this much in scarlet heart's ending as much as in this very episode,
Disastrously Heartbreaking every moment!!
pibi 148 days ago
I think his stephfather was the man in the fire!! or the ex boss lawyer
Faten 148 days ago
Where the episode 29-30
sudhakumari 160 days ago
fixed it plz lov from india
sudhakumari 160 days ago
hey why thi video does not support however i watched episod23 ad 24 it supported well bt why epi 13 does not support................
Monali 173 days ago
Hi admin, cant play ep 16. Plz fix
Jasmine 174 days ago
Why episode 14 isn't working?? Pls help
Chie 175 days ago
Hi admin... when eps 15&16 going to be subbed?
kloe 175 days ago
omg that was an amazing twist.... wtf??? I knew the guy was up to something... turns out he is actually the murderer and am yet to understand how the forensic guy is related to him....maybe theybr both in on it
kloe 180 days ago
I feel so bad for ji wook's friend more like ex friend he is so lonely... and I think the suspect is lying about something
kloe 181 days ago
Admin 181 days ago
@kloe | It's fixed. Tks
kloe 181 days ago
admin please the subtitles in epi 9+10 are not in sync with what they're saying can you pls rectify this....thank you
AngelaB. 189 days ago
Very enjoyable drama with such talented and good looking actors.Thank you.
Pika 195 days ago
Chinese sub please
Charlotte 195 days ago
Hello Admin! so meaning we could only get to see this drama for a month if 4 short eps per week? it's almost like a 30-min drama per ep.. what's happening? hehe :D
A 195 days ago
Why ep 4 sub is not sync?
A homeless doctor 195 days ago
It's not working
[email protected] 195 days ago
why does this great drama keep having all these stop/start jerky issues...only since the switch to FASTDRAMA...why the switch
Potato 196 days ago
When will it get subbed?
Admin 196 days ago
@incle | Perhaps the SBS likes to do so :))
incle 196 days ago
@Admin - Can you please explain why is it 2 short episodes per day? What is happening? Thank you! fighting!!!
Park Aya 196 days ago
No, not her it would've been better if it was sungkyung
Park Aya 196 days ago
I quit on other dramas i'll just watch this one, tunnel, and Unnie is alive
Hana 196 days ago
I saw on other kdrama web sites that there are 2 episodes today
Hana 196 days ago
Finally subs are here thanks admin but please be fast for next episodes please
exo-l 197 days ago
admin how long will it take for the subs to come out???
harry 197 days ago
wow finally its here ji chnang wook's last drama before enlistment hope it's as fantastic as his all other dramas *fingers crossed* Admin plz update eng subs asap :)
Charlotte 197 days ago
omo it's here! watcching it raw :D however there seems to be a problem with Disqus comments, can't seem to see them :/ anyway thanks Admin! eagerly camping and waiting :D
lorem 197 days ago
I'm missing Radiant Office so much I gave this one a go. Ep 1 is so so for me. Ji Chang Wook is fine but I'm not sure about Nam Ji Hyun. I'll see if it gets better with subs.
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