FastDrama Sparrow - 麻雀

Sparrow - 麻雀 - Ep61 END

Category: China Drama 2016
Genre(s): Crime
Status: Ep61 END Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
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This drama is set during the revolutionary time in Shanghai, based on a novel of the same name of Hai Fei. During the republican revolution, Chen Shen is a secret agent under Special Operations Executive Director Bi Zhongliang, among the agents called “sparrow” (similar to the program “zero” in Japan)
3 comment(s)
t 219 days ago
dear admin please upload the full series, this is very interesting with lovely story. although the main actress is not good match with Li yi feng but it is acceptable. Indeed the great heroes were two women Chen Shen sister in laws and the other who love him so much. by the way I like this drama so much.
Louise 392 days ago
No other continuation? Been more than a month since the last upload and sub.
Jennelyn 433 days ago
Thank u fir subbing sparrow,,i hope u guys can sub li yi feng dramas,,he's good,,,intl fans needs to see his awesomeness
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