FastDrama Slam Dance the Series - ทุ่มฝันสนั่นฟลอร์

Slam Dance the Series - ทุ่มฝันสนั่นฟลอร์ - Ep06

Category: Thailand Drama 2017
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, School, Youth
Release: May 13, 2017
Episode(s): 11 Status: Ep06 Country: Thailand
Language: Thailand Subtitle: English
Cast: Luewisetphaibun Pimchanok, Pattarakampol Chutavuth, Rattanaruangwattana Pluem, Khunatipapisiri Korn, Cheewagaroon Harit, Ployshompoo Supsap
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Every match has winners and losers. Rules are important for the game on the field. But what about the game outside the field? Meet the wonderful stories of the athletes in a college. Striking in and out of the field at this college, sports dance and wrestling collide. Members for both teams are required to compete for medals together. But instead, everyone will unite to overcome the challenges of the opposite sport. There are some people who take this opportunity to destroy their fellow members just because they are competitors on the field.
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