FastDrama Sister-In-Law's Dream - 처제의 꿈

Sister-In-Law's Dream - 처제의 꿈

Category: Korea Movie 2016
Genre(s): Adult, Melodrama, Romance
Release: Nov 29, 2016
Status: Completed Country: Korea
Language: Korean
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The sister-in-law is young and attractive. She imagines having secret sex with her brother-in-law. The 23-year-old lives with her sister and her husband. She's witnessed them having sex once and now imagines her brother-in-law and his naked physical body. One day, she is introduced to a date by her brother-in-law. The date is himself. He planned on taking her out one day to cheer her up. She imagines having sex with him but she knows it's not possible and writes it down her on Bucket List. What will happen to her love for him?
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