FastDrama Secret Forest - 비밀의 숲

Secret Forest - 비밀의 숲 - Ep16 END

Other name: Forest of Secrets
Category: Korea Drama 2017
Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery, Lwegal
Release: June 10, 2017 Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 21:00
Episode(s): 16 Status: Ep16 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: tvN Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Cho Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na, Lee Joon Hyuk, Shin Hye Sun
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This drama is a pre-produced drama It’s about a chase thriller where a prosecutor who has lost his emotions explores the secrets inside the prosecution office and chases the real criminals along with a righteous police officer. Though he is rational, a childhood brain surgery leaves prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo) to lack emotion. Cold and lonely, he’s one of the only prosecutors not involved in corruption. When he meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na) at a murder crime scene, they join forces to eradicate corruption at the prosecutor’s office and solve a serial murder case.
10 comment(s)
AngelaB. 173 days ago
Thank you for this outstanding drama.Like all of the people who loved it I hope there're more episodes to follow.
dee 181 days ago
episode 13 please admin..thanks
no subtitles 183 days ago
can you not put "sub" when there aren't any subtitles in the episode yet? it's misleading -_-
AngelaB. 195 days ago
I'm having trouble watching dramas due to being cut off several times while watching and having to return to beginning plus several ads.I guess Amazon wants me to get frustrated and subscribe with them like they don.'t have enough money.Help. Thank you.
Gong 199 days ago
Great story and characters, more sophisticated than most K-drama soaps with strong appeal for international audiences
jal 202 days ago
please add more server.i can't see the video
lovely 216 days ago
my favorite drama so far after Tunnel ended
lala 216 days ago
admin, sub released by netflix
AngelaB. 221 days ago
Excellent crime drama with great actors.Thank you.
Lin 222 days ago
@Admin subs please and thank you.
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