FastDrama Prince of Wolf - 狼王子

Prince of Wolf - 狼王子 - Ep18

Category: Taiwan Drama 2016
Genre(s): Romance
Status: Ep18 Country: Taiwan
Language: Taiwanese Subtitle: English
Cast: Derek Zhang, Amber An, Katie Chen
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Can a modern-day Tarzan return to the human world? When Du Zhe Ming (Derek Zhang) was a boy, he got lost while on vacation with his family. While he was wandering around in the deep woods, he accidentally saved a female wolf from harm. The Wolf King decides to take Zhe Ming into the wolf tribe. Living among the wolves, Zhe Ming learns to hunt and survive in the wild without forgetting his human traits. Mi Mi (Amber An) is an amateur photographer who decides to go to Wolf Mountain to take pictures of the breathtaking landscape. When Mi Mi falls into a valley, Zhe Ming saves her and takes her back to his cave. Fascinated by the first woman he has encountered, Zhe Ming is convinced that Mi Mi is his female wolf mate and is mesmerized by her. Zhe Ming decides to leave his wolf life behind to follow Mi Mi back into the human world, but can he acclimate back into the civilized world? “Prince of Wolf” is a 2016 Taiwanese drama series.
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Admin 439 days ago
@elize | We will add download link soon. Thanks
elize 439 days ago
download link ep 18 please
Admin 449 days ago
@elize | we are uploading , pls wait
elize 449 days ago
please add download link ep 17
claus 454 days ago
claus 456 days ago
please 720p thank's
elize 457 days ago
please add download link ep 16
elize 463 days ago
please add download link ep 15
Sc 470 days ago
Haha this plot seems similar to Sound of the Desert cos the female lead was also raised by wolves
AngelaB. 473 days ago
I don't like the main actress. She has such a puss face.She should have forgiven Wolf.He's too good for her.
elize 484 days ago
download link for ep 11, please
warrior 486 days ago
dear admin: where is the episode 12?
elize 489 days ago
please add download link for ep 11
Jeff 490 days ago
when will the download link be available for 11?
elize 498 days ago
ep 10 download link please,tq
Yeung 498 days ago
Thank you for the quick reply and since its been a few hours I assume it'll be out tomorrow? Thank you for the hard work!
Admin 498 days ago
@Yeung | few hour
Yeung 498 days ago
Where is ep 10 sub?
Admin 504 days ago
@Jeff | we'll add download link soon
Jeff 504 days ago
Thanks, when will the download link be available?
Jeff 504 days ago
Just curious as to when ep9 will be subbed?

Thank you.
piw 508 days ago
i hope that in the next episode ze ming would recognize his mother ,it's frustrating how he can't say that i'm ze ming
piw 508 days ago
du ze ming
21 514 days ago
du zhe ming or senior hao ( comment dzm for zhe ming or sh for senior hao, I am dzm )
21 514 days ago
ep 8 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jenius 517 days ago
I find that the styling is ridiculous because they never show hum cutting his hair so by right he should have ling hair then when the girl starts styling him then he appears with short hair. He picks up leftover items then he should have some other extra clothes not only 1 set... I like the cg effects of the show and the stunts but whatever the girl was trying to explain to him shouldn't be so easy for him to understand as his vocabulary should have stopped at the age of 5 + a little level up due to hearing the radio....
He can talk in a formal manner and can ask questions and seem to understand difficult vocabulary why couldn't he explain for himself he should be comfortable in that language already.
If he lives on vegetables and a little meat he shouldn't be bulky but lean due to lack of calcium and much needed protein... I have many more of this show that I do not understand but I am attracted to the customer in this show and the story built up. I hope this show would be story as compared to the others because if they would drag the relationship between the two of characters the story will get boring.
elize 520 days ago
please download link for ep 7
Jeff 525 days ago
Sorry, I just watched episode 5 from last week and it appears to be about 20 min short.
elize 525 days ago
download link ep 6, please
Jeff 526 days ago
No download link ep06.
Jeff 533 days ago
No download link ep05.
Natasha 534 days ago
Ep 5 please
mc 541 days ago
ep 4 has been release in other site(s) bust still no sub..
Arye 545 days ago
admin server 3 please
Arye 545 days ago
please please😭😭😭😭
Arye 545 days ago
admin server 3 please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Admin 549 days ago
@Joe | Tonight
Joe 549 days ago
When the episode 3 release.
Lyn 554 days ago
T.y admin i cant wair the next ep.
Lyn 554 days ago
Oh my gosh☺☺☺nice drama
I almost cry
bi123 558 days ago
oh my Gosh!!! Guy is so cute
Dini 561 days ago
Oh my God.I waited for this drama.thank u very much admin.
AngelaB. 561 days ago
Enjoyed the first episode.Loved all the actors and the beautiful scenery and animals.
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