FastDrama Our Times - 我的少女時代

Our Times - 我的少女時代

Category: Taiwan Movie 2015
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Comedy
Release: 13 Aug 2015 Runtime: 134 Mins
Status: Completed Country: Taiwan
Language: Taiwanese Subtitle: English, Chinese
Director(s): Chen Yu-Shan
Cast: Vivian Sung
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The movie is produced by famed Taiwanese drama producer Chen Yu Shan. This movie is her homage to the high school days of her youth, set in the early1990’s and will likely garner understandable comparison to the hit TW-movie You Are the Apple of My Eye. Set back in 1994, the story starts with a plain high school girl named Lin Zhen Xin, she likes the popular guy OuYang Fei Fan, she hope that he can notice her. By chance, she knew that OuYang Fei Fan is in relationship with the school beauty, Tao Min Min. in the stress upon knowing her prince charming has a girlfriend, she create an alliance with Xu Tai Yu, the school gangster who likes Tao Min Min to help each other in order to get Fei Fan & Min Min.
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vanessa 7 hours ago
i love this movie
jam 29 days ago
kate sangil 60 days ago
i love this movie
owen che 71 days ago
I love this movie
mel 129 days ago
shammylita 130 days ago
thank u
jojo 663 days ago
thank u i like it so much
SW 684 days ago
Cool movie like it very much !!!
Joanne 724 days ago
Beautifully written, Beautifully casted even the OST “Little Fortune” by Hebe Tian is beautifully sang. For the teens … Watch this movie and hopefully you will appreciate the person “you cherish” or “cherish you” most. For working adults … Watch this movie for old times sake ! Once again thank you for this movie.
sol 752 days ago
hi, thanks admin.. thanks alot for that!!!! :) it too clear
alvin 761 days ago
Thank you very much!
Admin 762 days ago
HD version's uploading, pls wait
alvin 763 days ago
do you have another version of Our times? All 3 versions were recorded on camera, will you release a mp4 of that movie? thank you
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