FastDrama One-Line - 원라인

One-Line - 원라인

Category: Korea Movie 2017
Genre(s): mystery, thriller, action, crime, comedy
Release: 29 Mar 2017 Runtime: 131 Mins
Status: Completed Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Yim Si-wan, Jin Goo Park, Byung-eun, Lee Dong-hwi, Kim Sun-Young, Park Jong-Hwa, Wang Ji-won, Park Yu-hwan, Ahn Se-ha, Jo Woo-jin
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College student Min Jae (Im Si Wan, Incomplete Life: Misaeng) is a small-time swindler. He meets forger Suk Goo (Jin Goo, Descendants of the Sun), who is a more higher-end thief. Min Jae robs some of Suk Goo’s money and soon finds himself at the mercy of Ji Won (Park Byung Eun, Queen of Mystery), Suk Goo’s vicious enforcer. Suk Goo has an eye for talent. Instead of punishing the young crook, he decides to enlist Min Jae into his fraud syndicate. They work well together, but rifts soon develop between Suk Goo and Ji Won. Min Jae gets caught in the middle. With the law on their tail and distrust between them, the three men soon learn that the difference between friend and enemy is just one, thin line. One-Line is directed by Yang Kyung Mo. It released in 2017.
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