FastDrama My Husband's Tutor - 내 남편의 가정교사

My Husband's Tutor - 내 남편의 가정교사

Category: Korea Movie 2017
Genre(s): Adult, Drama, Romance, Melodrama
Runtime: 99 Mins
Status: Completed Country: Korea
Language: Korean
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Who's going to let down their guard first? A pretty art tutor VS a muscular and young personal trainer?

This sex-less couple's secret tutoring starts now between a pretty art tutor VS a muscular and young personal trainer.

Baek-seon and Soo-kyeom are sex-less couple who have been living with each other for 20 years out of loyalty. The two decide to find a hobby for some fun in their lives. Soo-kyeom decides to get personal training and Baek-seon decides to get some art tutoring. Oh dear, they meet handsome and young personal trainer In-hak and pretty art teacher Ji-won! The couple is soon more interested in getting action than getting lessons. What will be the end of their secretive lessons?
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Elena 33 days ago
Nice one
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nice one
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