FastDrama Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling - 미운 우리 새끼

Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling - 미운 우리 새끼 - Ep54

Category: Korea TVShow 2016
Genre(s): Variety, Talk Show
Release: Aug 26, 2016
Status: Ep54 Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: English
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How much do you know about your grown up son? In Mum’s Diary, the daily lives of the grown up celebrity sons are closely observed by their mothers. Do you know why your son drinks so much these days? How much do you know about your son’s philosophy in his life style? Heart-warming moments of observational communication between a mother and a son can be seen on Mum’s Diary.
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Anita 18 days ago
Lately, the shows on your website keeps reloading on its own. Comment is that there is an error on the website. Reloads every 10 minutes or so
hanassi 49 days ago
@admin waiting for ep 47 eng subs please
Admin 139 days ago
@jaja | Try again with Google Chrome
jaja 139 days ago
i cant see the sub
karan 140 days ago
me too pls add different video player
karan 140 days ago
i cant see the sub in this player
Admin 341 days ago
@Gulpo | Watch with Google Chrome
Gulpo 341 days ago
There's no sub btw :'(
Gulpo 341 days ago
And the player is fantastic. It works great.
Gulpo 341 days ago
THaks you for adding this show. Sometimes you upload Korean shows that aren't available in some sites :)
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