FastDrama Lovers Vanished - 폭풍전야

Lovers Vanished - 폭풍전야

Other name: The Day Before, Pokpungjoenya
Category: Korea Movie 2010
Genre(s): Mature, Romance
Release: Apr 1, 2010
Status: Completed Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Kim Nam-Gil, Woo Seul Hye Hwang
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Soo In was a talented cook who became falsely accused of killing his wife and then received a life sentence in prison. While in prison Soo In hears that prisoners infected with AIDS can leave prison. Soo In then injects himself with the blood of HIV positive inmate Sang Byun. Sang Byun does make the request that if by chance Soo In is able to escape from prison to visit the caffee named Luth. When Soo In arrives at the beach side cafe named Luth, he meets the proprietor Mi Ya. Mi Ya is a beautiful women, a magician, and also bears heavy mental scars from her past. Mi Ya eventually hires Soo In as a cook. The two become closer & soon love blossoms. One day Soo In tells Mi Ya it was Sang Byun who sent him there and this shocks Mi Ya.
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Sunny 199 days ago
An intense and dark movie that is very different from the typical Korean drama. It touches on the subject of HIV, but, that is not the full focus of the plot. Dysfunctional romance and touches of rape and murder seems to be repetitive themes. But, it is hard to stop watching once you start.
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