FastDrama Love is Drop by Drop - 사랑은 방울방울

Love is Drop by Drop - 사랑은 방울방울 - Ep120 END

Other name: 一滴一滴的愛
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Melodrama, Romance
Release: Nov 28, 2016 Runtime: Monday to Friday 19:20
Episode(s): 120 Status: Ep120 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: SBS Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Jo Young Kwang Writer(s): Kim Young In
Cast: Wang Ji Hye, Kang Eun Tak, Gong Hyun Joo, Kim Min Soo
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Eun Bang Wool (Wang Ji Hye) falls in love with Park Woo Hyuk (Kang Eun Tak) who received a heart transplant from her ex-boyfriend.

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Lolitop 169 days ago
ep 119 is aired today
Chris 170 days ago
The last episodes there are not on SBS Schedule
Doanhdoanh 171 days ago
Why have not got ep 19? I was waiting for it? So long!!!!
AngelaB. 179 days ago
Enjoyed this crazy drama as it helped to relieve my stress.I know a lot of hard work went into making it in spite of all the bad criticism.I know it's hard to please everyone.Just do your best.
AngelaB. 188 days ago
Can't view your dramas because the ad blocks the screen and can't be removed..Please fix it. Thank you.
Ho 196 days ago
To save the frustration, stop viewing now and click on the last episode then you will know the outcome. I think the producers and the director are taking us for one long and tiresome ride. Yes I think that's what I'm going to do. Go one to other titles and then wait for the last episode
Lin 204 days ago
I don't think CR will receive punishment, the new stupid BW will forgive her. That's why I hate the drama.
adil 206 days ago
When will this Salems' Lot be punished? CR and her stepmother deserve jail sentences.
pete37 210 days ago
really hate Chaerin's stooopid face n psychotic character. Get her imprisoned fast, losong patience Drop by Drop.
Lin 213 days ago
What is WH thinking? Sc is twisted as CR. He has protected CR indirectly more than BW. He has not even said anything from start about their relationship, he once saw the necklace he CR before DJ passed away. I am sure he isn't bad but surely there is something very disturbing or weird about his obsession with BW.
AngelaB. 219 days ago
Can't take it anymore.Will watch the end.
Aya 225 days ago
Can't Bangwool just marry Sangcheol and move away with byeol in their restaurant and woohyuk move on, and chaerin go to prison and bang wool's mom finds out who bangwool is? sheesh that would be better.
AngelaB. 240 days ago
It would make me very happy if the authors of this drama seeked revenge against all the evil doers by making them suffer terribly.
Lin 254 days ago
@Admin any subs,
AngelaB. 255 days ago
Too many hateful women.Will watch the last episode.Hope this drama does not depict how real life is in Korea.I would be very disappointed.
adil 258 days ago
Rather pathetic episodes lately, all because of Chaerin's v irritating presence and that off putting Chairlady. Will fast forward when these two are on.
AngelaB. 266 days ago
When it's revealed that BW donated her husbands heart everyone will shut up.
cp 268 days ago
Delusional psycho Chaerin is a stalker! Feeling a little nervy for poor BW. Work harder Mr Detective! Get CR behind bars.
Lin 269 days ago
Any subs
Admin 274 days ago
@Lin | Time?
Lin 274 days ago
@Admin, episode 55. Still breaking up.
Admin 274 days ago
@Lin | Ep?
Lin 274 days ago
@Admin, the link breaks up towards the end of the video.
cp 276 days ago
Most Annoying character in this drama is ChaeRin! Get her to jail asap.
AngelaB. 277 days ago
The mother in law should mind her own business. The daughter in law should just tell her off, leave with her son and get married and be happy. She suffered enough.
Lin 281 days ago
No drama today then again.
Lin 282 days ago
@Admin thank you for that information on Golden Pouch.
Lin 282 days ago
@Aya, I was watching the drama too. Sadly we can only wait and see if it wil be cast again. I thought it was just getting a bit muddled up. Good drama it is. However Love is drop by drop is the best for me at the moment. Not predictable that much, its drawing conversations from bloggers more than most dramas, I wonder why it's not topping the charts? Maybe the let down is CR's uncle and WH's sister who speaks like a baby when she looks about 40. Honestly it's so annoying that they get more airtime than the best part in the drama. I even love and prefer Gang Ja the maid, she rocks. I know many say she is loud blah blah blah, I think she is a genius.
Aya 283 days ago
@Lin you're also watching Golden Pouch? I was also wondering why it got postponed. Thanks @adil
Admin 283 days ago
@Lin | it has been postponed
Lin 283 days ago
What happened to the Golden Pouch
adil 283 days ago
@aya Haha, enjoy🌸
Aya 284 days ago
I can't believe I stopped at episode one before when this drama is goood!! I'm already drawn in.
Aya 284 days ago
Okay then I'm in! ^^ Thanks @Lin, @adil, @cp
AngelaB. 288 days ago
Loved episode46 and love this drama.
Lin 290 days ago
@Admin, has this drama been stopped? Hope not
cp 291 days ago
@Aya ,I am enjoying this drama.
adil 291 days ago
@aya, Yes it's heartwarmingly good.
Lin 291 days ago
@Aya, I have been glued, hooked, it's been the best so far.
Aya 293 days ago
Should Is start watching this? is it worth watching?? @adil @Lin @cp
adil 293 days ago
Just realised the taboo practice of giving knives to asian people .It connotes cutting off friendships . SC keeps trying to give BW that knife! Choose another present.
Lin 296 days ago
Love WH , l hope they don't drag BW giving in to such courtship. SC blow away please,
adil 296 days ago
Loving this drama. Just skip over Ms Pretentious ChaeRin and fakey O my god!Anyway" No No whatever her name..
Lin 297 days ago
@Admin, are we getting subs for episode 41 today. This drama is the best so far. Thank you for this unpredictable drama let's say for now.
Lin 297 days ago
Episode 41's link ain't working
cp 297 days ago
Interesting to note how helpless BW's mother in law can be, each time her eldest daughter in law yells and disobeys her! That silly older son and his mother are both intimidated by this ill bred and scheming piece.
davina 297 days ago
Wish I could smack real hard the faces of Chae Rin and that fake americanised BW's sis in law. She spouts a phrase or two of exclamations in English and thinks she is above the others! Pathetic is she's ever a real person. CR the actress is always nasty and bitchy. Whats there to strut whenever she puts others down?
Lin 297 days ago
Here is me hoping BW returns those warm and fuzzy feelings to BW soon. The way WH gazes at BW its so sweet, hearty warming, that can melt butter on frozen bread. I am glad we did see more of the sweet couple. I bet those two draw viewers than CR or anyone else. For a change it's nice to watch happiness since at the moment the world is in turmoils.
Janet 301 days ago
@Lin, this is by far my fav too. I will fast forward scenes I detest which I predict will come soon.
Lin 302 days ago
Admin, subs please.
Lin 303 days ago
@Janet this drama is my favourite in all the Kdramas I have watched, just loving the unpredictability the writer and producer gave displayed, I may hate certain characters but man, the have executed this drama so good. This tine I am just watching, lost all the bets so far. I gave to write directly yo the producer for a tip this time before I get broke.
Janet 303 days ago
@Lin, I am still watching this and it's on the top of all the current dramas I am watching. Will not give this one up yet unless we have to ride on the merry go round.
Lin 304 days ago
@Foodie, you are spot on, the fact that BW is actually prettier than CR and that Gargoyle that BW's sister in law. That sister in law is just a makeup person, how does that make her a better person standard wise, All these women took vocational courses, nothing special that everyone can't do by themselves. I would like to see WH stew in misery for belittling BW. Wouldn't it be nice to see his emotions torture him to bits. As for WH's mother, she is as ignorant as that hairstyle she wears. I am hoping we don't get amnesia scenes following the accident, I dread the Kdrama format every time. An accident, an orphan, slapping, amnesia, cooking competitions this drives me mad, are these the only events in Korea.
Foodie 304 days ago
@Lin- It’ll be hard for BW to leave the company since she signed a contract. The only way she’ll be able to leave is if CR somehow sabotages or frames BW, perhaps something that has to do with one of her recipes. Then maybe at that point she’ll open up the restaurant with SC.
60 episodes, Lin that’s just to long. He needs to cut her loose NOW since he’s bored out of his mind with this so called relationship.
As for BW sister-in-law, well I’ve hated her since she married Dong-Min. She absolutely disgusts me. I hate how she’s belittles him in front of his parents. I have zero tolerance for people that humiliate other’s in public (especially when they have an audience). She also has disrespected him countless of times. Yes, couples fight, argue and disagree, but she’s just plain rude, ungrateful, and selfish. She doesn’t even want to raise her own child, bitch please.
Lin 305 days ago
@Janet, are you still watching, this drama.
Lin 308 days ago
@Janet I am dreading the period to come but they are quite a few storylines if the writer just spices them up removing WH's annoying sister and boyfriend, CR, WH, SC , JY, BW and her son plus the MIL can keep this going. Storyline for Gargoyle who is trying to get pregnant, the tiger panty line was so funny, there is CR and the murder she committed, Now that Maid I have fallen for her, can harass CR's step mother as much as she can, the most enjoyable storyline is among the man fighting for BW's affections. So I hope we won't get to ride the merry go round swing, as in predictable stuff from Kdramas, so far it has been unpredictable.
Janet 308 days ago
@Lin, knowing how draggy daily dramas are, WH wont leave CR for another 15 or more episodes. We may all be cursing and scolding the witches and writers like how we did in one drama, hehehe.
Lin 308 days ago
@[email protected], SC was daydreaming BW working with her in diner, maybe in the next coming episodes SC opens the diner and BW leaves that company when the witches commence the slap a donkey on her. I have a feeling WH still has to stay by CR's side longer until episode 60 or more, by then we will be so angry and not watching due to frustration. However if jealous scenes of the two men suffices that would be so amazing to watch. For now the falling in love process is the best in dramas.
Janet 308 days ago
@Lin, things are picking up now that we can sense WH's is fast falling in love with BW, hehe. I love all the interaction btwn them. I can't imagine a staff scolding or shouting at her boss & vice versa but both are doing that. CR should witness this & her green eye monster will jump out more, haha. I enjoyed your observations. Really spot on. I like SC's nose though. Everyone is excited with the latest I am going to watch it now.
Lin 309 days ago
@Janet, I have to a conclusion that CR is a lunatic wrapped in expensive clothing, would you want your boyfriend to buy you the same shoe that someone he fancies already had? WH goes an extra mile for BW, than CR, that raging lunatic leads him everywhere, whereas WH leads BW everywhere. Watching CR walk after she purchased the same shoes, BW returned to the shop, there was no communication between then even during their stroll. She had to play act to ascertain contact with WH, he rolled his eyes. With BW, both were at ease, laughing, crying, eating together, that was soooooo cool. Now tha WH knows she lives, I won't be surprised if he surprised her, and the jealousy when WH walked into BW feeding SC who I real don't like was priceless. It's endearing that SC finds BW attractive but there is no chemistry. BW only feels sorry and friendliness to SC. I hate SC's nose. Gargoyle JY will even be more jealous once the relationship between WH BW flourishes. @Janet a man in love can eat the whole cow and never get indigestion. WH will be eating Truck load of street food wherever BW takes her.
Janet 309 days ago
@Lin, I am enjoying this show so much I cant wait for the next episode. BW and WH were very cute at the food street eating fish cakes and he ate so much it's a wonder he didnt get tummy upset or indigestion and the fish cakes were new to him !
Lin 309 days ago
@Janet,@Foodie, I am loving this drama, so hooked. JY the jealous BW's sister in law married to the little fat guy, tries to humiliate BW at all costs as if she is better, who says her career is better than BWs. They both provide services to the community, one cooks, one cuts hair plus make. Loved the likening of Zelda from a Pet Sematary by someone in Disqus, now the more I look at her the more the similarities get more prominent. I know it sounds bad but once you are in the public eye and look like Gargoyle people will compare. However I am enjoying the drama, BW and WH's interaction is flawless, they gel however stringforce CR they seem not to have anything to talk about. CR is trying to hard. I actually changed my mindset regarding the loud motormouth maid, somehow I have begun to like her. I wish she puts her fingers in that Chairwoman's hair and ruffle that horrible hairstyle.
Foodie 310 days ago
@Lin- Lol, everyone on here is waiting for CR’s downfall. I really like female characters in revenge dramas. They start of weak and timid, but by episode 20-30 they are a force to be reckoned with.

Hahaha no you did not just throw in the Witches of Eastwick in here. I was planning on watching the tv show, but like every other show ABC had to cancel it. I seriously hate the network. They’ve cancelled all of my favourite shows.
Any way, you’re right. When the time comes I’m happy that she’ll have motormouth and MIL on her side. She’s gonna need them.

I’ve only been reading the comments, and I’m surprised the mother turned out to be this cruel and evil. Villain(s) always out due one another each year.
Janet 311 days ago
@Lin, glad you are still around. I am faithfully still watching this series but if the evil beings are too strong and gets away with too much murders, I am may stop watching. I really hate to see people oppressed by the so called rich people !

I use Disqus to join viewers in posting, commenting and asking questions only. I have not really explored this community platform.
Lin 311 days ago
@Foodie, I can't wait for CR retribution, At least BW's character hasn't been turned into a piñata as yet. However that motormouth maid, combined with BW's mother in law can stand up to the Witches of Eastwick when the time comes. SC ran to fix a shoe whilst BW purchased brand new ones. I support BW's MIL who is against any relationship of BW and SC. She wants our girl to marry a rich guy. Thumbs up on that issue.

That drama I am sorry KNG is too evil for me. To be honest whether TJ and MS that mother in law are acting they sure send out weird vibes, their eyes, are quite scary. Never seen scary and weird actors in a family drama like that, now she is educating evil stuff, rudeness, to MA's little boy. is there an award for villains, those 2 win hands down.
Foodie 311 days ago
I keep forgetting to come down and read the comments. Sorry Lin.
One of the reasons why I still like the drama is because BW isn’t a push over. She calls out on all of CR bullshit. She apologizes when she needs to, and doesn’t when she knows it’s the other party’s fault. I know at some point the evil squad will be coming for our girl and things will go down hill from there, but for now I’ll enjoy our cute, soon to be, couple.

I put a hold on I am sorry KNG for now. I will pick it up once she a divorces and moves on with her life. I’m relying on the comments, so once I see “Thank god she divorced him” or “Yes, they are no longer together” that’ll be my cue to come back.
Lin 312 days ago
@Janet, do you read Disqus blogs at all, been reading them quite funny. Bonkers is the word,
Janet 315 days ago
@Lin, I fast forward WH's sister & CR's uncle scenes as soon as they come on too.
spanza_ 315 days ago
is it just me or the vids not working
Lin 316 days ago
@Anita, @Janet, @Aya, @Foodie, I hope this drama continues with the element of surprise. Let plastic surgery face CR bring it on, BW is one brave girl so far in the dramas, hopefully they don't turn her into Zombiefied humble poor girl like most dramas. Guys just watch MA from I am sorry Kang Nam Goo. You will hate the abuse and timid portrayal of poor or middle lass people.
Janet 316 days ago
@Lin, the drama is good so far but I can forese the screaming and slapping will happen once the mother of WH finds out her son is in love with his employee and CR will create trouble for BW at work. I will definitely skip these scenes like what I am doing to WH's sister & CR's uncle scenes. So boring.
Lin 316 days ago
I am just hoping the writer doesn't get predictable just as every speculation in the blogs. So far it has been interesting drama, with non violent episodes, but just humorous and normal daily activities portrayal. As predicted by bloggers in Disqus blog, I am keeping my fingers crossed that that Kdrama expectation is done to minimal. @ Anita you were right, this drama is quite good.
Lin 317 days ago
@Janet it is still going good so far quite different from Kdrama formats. It portrays normal life. Those pointless duo, the uncle and WH's sister are the only sore eye in this drama. I fast forward their scenes because I can't see where the writer is going with them. If that boring uncle ended with the loud mouth housekeeper, just maybe it would be interesting. WH's sister definitely does fit with boring uncle. Their whole thing is so boring and annoying. They actually waste good airtime.
Janet 317 days ago
@Lin, drama is very cool, hopefully it wont disappoint me like You Are My Gift
Lin 318 days ago
This drama is cool.
Lin 319 days ago
@Anita hope you have been watching. So far this drama has unpredictability abilities. Can't wait for the day they discover Mother and daughter conspired in murder, There is just one thing, they way people who have been in the USA are portrayed, very funny, how annoying it is to hear that girl speak only silly phrases, I wish someone could slap her for me.
Lin 328 days ago
Hope BW doesn't end up with that lodger guy. She deserves to be waited on hand on foot for a change. Is it Kimchi making time in Korea, all the dramas showing at the moment are making kimchi, unless it's a competition amongst dramas to see who makes it best. That other daughter in law who speaks annoying English in that horrible accent, shouldn't she cut that American life nonsense and stick to Korean. When she uses English words in some sentences it sounds too far fetched.
Janet 331 days ago
@Foodie, I know you always keep your promises and I am sure many viewers notice you answer each and every question, thanks a lot.

BW's mother in law has been acting in nasty roles & I feel very uncomfortable looking at her distorted nostrils ...
Foodie 331 days ago
@Janet- Hahaha @good girl. I always keep my promises, lol.
The mother-in-law has become extremely nice to Bang Wool, but has now set her sight on her son’s wife. To be honest with you I don’t blame her. His wife is a compete bitch, and I’ve lost my patience with her.
Skip to episode 13. That’s when the mother-in-law has seen the light.
Foodie 331 days ago
@Lin- I like both males leads to be honest. I’m crushing on both as well, lol. I was going to defend Sang-Chul in regards to the necklace, but you know what you do have a point. I would understand not bringing up how Bang-Wool got a hold of necklace, but SC (if I’m not mistaken) clearly saw the initials. There’s no way there are duplicates of this necklace with the same initials out there, so he should have at least asked her about it during those five years. I wonder if he writer made him forget seeing the necklace, since the drama would end once he reveals it, lol. I’m still going to support him, but if he finds out about the accident, and chooses to conceal the truth for Chae-Rin sake then he’s dead to me.
Janet 334 days ago
@Foodie, I just dropped by and was surprised and happy to see your updates as promised ! Good girl. One liners are just as helpful as detailed ones. I am scared to see those horrible, snobbish and overly protective mothers in law or mothers and I dont really know how many episodes I should skip. I know I can depend on you for help ...
Lin 335 days ago
@Foodie if BW hooks up with Mr obnoxious sunglasses at the airport, that would be great, he has D's heart. For the sake of that child. I don't like their lodger guy, he saw the necklace he gave to his murderous ex girlfriend but pretended he didn't know it. I bet he figured out the accident too. Don't like him, besides BW already met hunky chops briefly at her dad's funeral. It's quite interesting. Although the second daughter in law is lazy, that woman ain't slapping her so much.
Foodie 336 days ago
@Lin- Just saw episode 13 and I'm surprised that she turned around. I suspect the change of heart has a lot to do with her grandson. I still don't think she's become kinder to our main lead. A part of me believes the minute Bang Wool starts having feelings for Woo Hyuk her mother-in-law may intervene and disapprove of their relationship.
AngelaB. 337 days ago
I just love the little boy. Korean children are so cute and talented. Love this drama. Thank you.
Lin 337 days ago
@Foodie, it looks like it's not going to turn out as predicted. I was expecting that woman to torture BW and grab the baby or even worse, however, I didn't see that coming, mother in law cooking with BW, not even hush to the other daughter in law. At least its portrayal of mothers is still reasonable at this early stage. @Anita you are going to like this one. It's still got that element of crazy mothers, it wouldn't be acceptable if that K custom is wiped out. But somehow the heart transplant softened Mr. obnoxious.
Foodie 337 days ago
@Janet- It got better after episode 3. Her husband passed away earlier than I expected (at ep. 10). Of course the mother blames her for her son's death, typical. In ep. 11 the father gives her money so she can start a new life without her in laws, typical. Her mother-in-law wants her out of the house as well. Haven't seen ep. 12 so I don't know what happened. Even though it's your typical drama I really want to see how everything pans out. Also @Lin and Janet doesn't this drama remind you ladies of You Are A Gift.
Lin 338 days ago
@Anita, I am liking this one. From the word go I didn't like BW's deceased husband, they didn't match. I bet now she will be skulking to her next man, putting herself down, humility my toes. My friends are watching this one. We made a bet that she is going to be the down trodden single mother no career, no drive, and the 2 guys coming into her life will be heroes. Should this happen that way, the loser entertains everyone, New Year's Eve party. They reckon, after giving back she goes back to sell fish or work in that diner.
Anita 338 days ago
@Lin, Your already watching this drama. I think I will be checking this one out real soon.
Janet 343 days ago
@Lin, I havent started watching this yet. There are many different views ...

I havent seen a dead person come alive. Were you shocked to have witnessed such an incident. From your co ments here, I think it's going to be another drama where a woman gets bullied, slapped, sacrificed for a guy to be slapped by his mother. I really hate this scenario. Thanks for your feedback anywa.y
AngelaB. 345 days ago
Like this drama and cast. I don't know why ratings are so low. Thank you.
Lin 348 days ago
@Janet this drama is Okay, I know many are disputing the fact that the father woke up for a few seconds after being confirmed dead. It happens you know, I have seen one incident where these people were moving this corpse from the ward to a mortuary fridge, the person came back to life. So it's true that could have happened, he had unfinished business with his daughter. I didn't like the guy who made her pregnant plus his whole family. I prefer Mr. Obnoxious. At least it gets subbed. What annoys me is that BW puts someone else first. These women who sacrifice themselves for a man then get slapped by his mother surprise me. If you don't respect your self, how do you expect others to respect you.
Janet 351 days ago
@Lin, from a few comments at Disqus this one may not be my cup of tea, but will try out a bit and then decide ...
Remy 351 days ago
She love him and she put him first
Lin 352 days ago
I realize all cultures may come in different flours, but it's the same gall game everywhere, the posh people whether white or black act the same so is the Asian. Poor people have acomplex towards the rich, and vice versa. That girl is stupid to us but that her stupid DNA making her have that way. @Anita, @Janet, @tintin l hope you are watching this gals. Need your insight.
AngelaB. 353 days ago
She should have told her boyfriend.It takes two to tango. One should never think that someone is better because they have money or fame or education.
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