FastDrama Love by Design - 必勝練習生

Love by Design - 必勝練習生 - Ep16

Category: Taiwan Drama 2016
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy
Status: Ep16 Country: Taiwan
Language: Taiwanese Subtitle: English
Cast: Alan Kuo, Beatrice Fang, Allison Lin, Jason Hsu
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What would you do if you were 34 years old and laid off from your job? Li Shu Fen (Beatrice Fang) gets fired from her job despite giving it many years of loyal service. Unable to find another job, Shu Fen uses her baby face to her advantage when she ends up lying about her age and taking an entry-level job as a 25-year-old rookie for a major clothing company. There, she meets the company president (Alan Kuo), who may catch her in her web of lies. How long can Shu Fen keep up her ruse to try to chase her dream of becoming a fashion designer? “Love by Design” is a 2016 Chinese drama series directed by Guo Chun Hui. It is based on the 2011 South Korean drama series “Baby-Faced Beauty.”
13 comment(s)
Yannis 170 days ago
Hi Admin, can this series still be downloaded? All links no files. TQ
Elize 421 days ago
Please add download link for ep 16
claus 435 days ago
thanks Admin i love youuuuuuu
claus 436 days ago
please @admin ep 14 and 15 I can not see how I would Wait Ends the dorama hope 'end well between the two protagonists thanks
elize 464 days ago
please add download link for ep 8
Lin 494 days ago
Just missing previous Korean dramas, just don't like the Chineese, etc ones, they appeal to some, but me I think to much fake things even in shops in Africa, States, Chineese fake goods put me off their dramas. Missing Kdrama for families on weekends,
Admin 494 days ago
@Peter | Try again or check your connection
Peter 494 days ago
Is there anything wrong with the server? I can't watch any shows.
Bridgit 520 days ago
@Brenda, you should check out Better Man.
Brenda 523 days ago
Finally a Taiwan drama that looks likes it's going to be great.
mama 525 days ago
no sub in ep 2. Hope you can fixit asap. Thanks.
Admin 529 days ago
@mnmn | we'll add download link soon
mnmn 529 days ago
cant download so sad
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