FastDrama Legend Of Fragrance - 活色生香

Legend Of Fragrance - 活色生香 - Ep44 END

Other name: 蝶香, Die Xiang
Category: China Drama 2015
Genre(s): Romance
Release: Feb 04 - Mar 02, 2015
Episode(s): 44 Status: Ep44 END Country: China
Broadcast: Hunan TV Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Director(s): He Shu Pei, Cheng Zhi Chao
Cast: Tiffany Tang, Li Yi Feng, Shu Chang
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Li Yi Feng plays a sweet, rich young master, while William Chan takes on the cold, heroic, investigator. On the ladies’ side, Tang Yan embodies the spirit of a sweet, strong willed Chinese Woman, in contrast to the nobly charming young mistress of Shu Chang. Moreover, the two ladies often find their interests in conflict with each other. Aside from that, the two families will battle over producing the best incenses in the area.
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Report 388 days ago
The subs are behind the video by at least 2 mins from the very beginning
Cindy 402 days ago
Admin- the Subs are way out of sync on this... :(
gayle 566 days ago
A new drama! Looks like a promising plot.
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