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FastDrama Hwarang - 화랑

Hwarang - 화랑 - Ep20 END

Other name: Hwarang: The Beginning , 花郞 , The Beautiful Knights
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy
Release: December 19, 2016 Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
Status: Ep20 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: KBS2 Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Yun Seong-Sik Writer(s): Park Eun-Young
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Chinese Subtitles

Drama series depicts the story of Hwarang (literally "Flowering Knights") - an elite group of male youth in during the Kingdom of Silla.

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41 comment(s)
Terin 126 days ago
Hi admin, how many episode this drama?
Murielle 132 days ago
If you have Android phone, you download the app they recommend. Then you can select 360p or 720p. Their servers never work for me.
Adik 133 days ago
I love this website.. Thanks admin but. When I play by phone and there ia a lot of pop up add that annoy me. And jump to add site. The playing drama are stop. Pls fix thanks
MIka 141 days ago
the olayers not work sudenly in the middle of the episode
Salmanim 141 days ago
Admin you must do something aboit bugs and ads i really can't watch drama here anymore
Ali 145 days ago
Hi Admin, please let us have the hard subs for the Special episode. Thanks!
scarlet hearteu 146 days ago
360p cannot be used pls,fix
schatz 146 days ago
English sub please..
Eve 152 days ago
Admin nim,episode cannot be downloaded...even with google chrome
Admin 153 days ago
@Halp! | PLs try to use Google chrome
Halp! 153 days ago
@admin I don't see any subs from 07:54 onwards T^T
Wendy 161 days ago
My mouth is still wide open MAJOR SHOCKER WOW he kissed ,her come on his fake (sister Ah ro) like weird but kinda liked it though
Salmanim 162 days ago
When are you going to upload the raw ep 9?
Wendy 168 days ago
Waaaa so much drama is going to happen next week #love this show
Mmayli 169 days ago
Its Tuesday Suwae just a lot of hours to wait sad right , omg l missed her #princess
MakBlahsAlot 169 days ago
Omoo.. so much stuff will happen in the next episode. Ughh.. hurry up tuesday. 😋
Mmayli 175 days ago
Love this show
Y#ogirl Panda 175 days ago
OMG that person should be out in the world(new sun woo) okay then who is he and pitted king kissed ah ro and Bar yu likes sun Wii's sis
nora 175 days ago
y cannot play vid
Eve 175 days ago
Love this drama!!!Really enjoyed it till the latest episode!Daebak! Love Park Seo Joon so much!!!
OPpalovers 176 days ago
Why i feel.like park seo joon(moo myung) and park hyun sik(ji.dwi) are sibling?!
Park seo.joon dont know his origin ryt.?!
And the only one knows about him is the ajjussi(kimwonhae/woo reuk) who raised him(moo myung)..
Trilisa 176 days ago
@admin why do I keep getting pop ups during the drama?
ashima 176 days ago
@admin when will the subs be available??
Admin 181 days ago
@angel | 20 episode
angel 181 days ago
How many episode is this drama?
Y#ogirl Panda 182 days ago
Admin the subs were great this time thanks
Admin 183 days ago
@Gen | Please choose our server (360p or 720p) to watch with best quality. Some video servers can bombard ad page that we don't control them.
Gen 183 days ago
@Admin, why is it when I'm using my phone, your site keeps on redirecting to multiple sites midplay? it's so frustrating specially when the internet is slow..can you do something about it? I end up watching to other site since I can wait.. :-(
Y#ogirl Panda 183 days ago
So sad episodes l cried when l saw the meo's of sun woo and when his father was about to be killed. # love to cry about it
Admin 183 days ago
@Miiha | you can refresh
Miiha 183 days ago
Starting with minute 3, the subtitles are wrong
Miiha 183 days ago
The subtitles for ep 3 are not sync :(
Admin 183 days ago
@Dara | pls wait few min. we are upload Subs
Dara 183 days ago
Hello!!! :) When are the subs released?? thank you
Kim Taehyung 190 days ago
Daebak! #actors!!
chapman france 190 days ago
SO sooo soo excited right now....!
Jenny 190 days ago
When will the subs release??
Fatii 190 days ago
Yeahhhhh its hereee
Yeahhhhhhh its here
Sumy 193 days ago
Hi admin when will Solomon's Perjury epi 1 kseries be posted? 😊 Thanks much!
Taehyung 229 days ago
soooo excited! to see my bb in his first drama #Taehyung
angel 236 days ago
I can't wait to watch this drama. So excited!
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