FastDrama First Love Again - 다시, 첫사랑

First Love Again - 다시, 첫사랑 - Ep104 END

Other name: 再次, 初戀
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Romance
Release: Nov 28, 2016 Runtime: Monday to Friday 19:50
Episode(s): 104 Status: Ep104 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: KBS2 Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Yoon Chang Bum Writer(s): Park Pil Joo
Cast: Myung Se Bin, Kim Seung Soo, Park Jung Chul, Wang Bit Na
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Lee Ha Jin (Myung Se Bin) is a woman who had forgotten memories of her first love. Meanwhile, Cha Do Yoon (Kim Seung Soo) is a man who is trapped in the memories of his first love. Two of them meet again after 8 years.

13 comment(s)
Max 258 days ago
This story was real from ep 1 to ep 68... from ep 69 the movie is no longer interested... i like this movie but the writer got it wrong from ep 69.
Remy Durham 263 days ago
Now it is getting good
Marisbert 292 days ago
I really love the story of this drama..hope i can dinish til the final episode..
Lin 310 days ago
Now that HJ will find her son, this will go on for another 3 weeks, God give us strength. Please Mr. Producers and writers restore our sanity too. If HJ remains zonked as she is now honestly that won't be fair on her. That loonie, MH requires an able mind to play cat and mouse with. With zombified, HJ at the moment it's not a fair and square fight. Dragging HJ's memory loss, plus that stolen little boy, just going to be so drab.
Lin 328 days ago
@Admin, the video is unwatchable, just too many breaks
Lin 328 days ago
Admin, what's wrong with the episode today.
Janet 334 days ago
@Lin, totally out of here, too many evil people plotting against an innocent woman. I have started watching Love is drop by drop.
Lin 334 days ago
@Janet, same here, I think there isn't much going on at the moment, most of it it's predictable. I think I have seen these dramas before. what makes it worse, its man being evil and ignorantly vengeful from circumstantial evidence. I hate DJ guy. His character is portrayed as a bitter woman. Real men gather facts, not emotionally driven hatred.
Janet 336 days ago
@Lin, just started watching this and may not continue - too many hateful characters around. I want to keep my sanity intact ...
Lin 338 days ago
Too many pathetic storylines at the moment, how can that pig DJ blame somebody with amnesia or he simple is a conceited pig. It's all about him and him. I thought he was educated to understand what amnesia was especially if the trauma was inflicted by that ugly wife of his. Why do they all have whiter than whites bleached faces, what happened to that most magnificent olive complexion that the whole world envies. I hope EH ends up with the other black pearl. Always never liked DJ and his little father and timid mother. However this is Kdrama format in full speed she will end up with that chubby cheeks DJ.
Lin 343 days ago
@Janet, @Anita, @Foodie, @Tintin, hope you are watching this drama.
Lin 354 days ago
Ha, at least in this drama they seem to be sleeping around and pregnant before their sacred culture allows them to.
Bridgit 354 days ago
What do people just let others slap them. If that was my child I would gone ham on her!😡
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