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FastDrama Diamond Lover - 克拉恋人

Diamond Lover - 克拉恋人 - Ep05

Other name: Carat Lian Ren
Category: China Drama 2015
Genre(s): Romance
Release: Jul 22, 2015
Episode(s): 68 Status: Ep05 Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Director(s): Chen Ming Zhang
Cast: Bi, Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, Di Li Re Ba, Zhang Wen
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Xiao Liang (Bi) is the CEO of the world's biggest Diamond company. He's reserved, strict and counts every penny while doing business. He also chooses to close himself off from people, insisting relationships are of no worth in his life. Everything turns upside down when he meets Mi Dou (Tiffany Tang), a woman who changes his views in life and teaches him what it means to be alive and happy.
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3 comment(s)
Shefdsouza 172 days ago
Admin, when will all the episodes for Diamond Lover be subbed?
Admin 188 days ago
@Ashru | try again , we will upload sever 360
Ashru 188 days ago
Pls sub this drama too dear admins.
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