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FastDrama Demon Girl - 半妖倾城

Demon Girl - 半妖倾城 - Ep20 END

Category: China Drama 2016
Genre(s): Drama, Martial Arts
Status: Ep20 END Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
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During the late Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi presents a painting of a girl with wings to Consort Jin, hoping that finding the girl in the painting could change the impending fate of the Qing Dynasty. Hence, Ady An enters the picture and she’s a butterfly demon. She falls in love with Cixi’s bodyguard and gives birth to two daughters. When attacks threaten the forbidden city, Ady’s forced to show her demon form to protect her family, rendering herself into a glass doll as a result. The whole event is witnessed by Professor Jiang. Fifteen years later, her daughters are all grown up, unaware of their half-human, half demon background (amnesia aka emotional trauma blocking past memories.) They befriend Professor Jiang’s daughter and a suave wealthy man, beginning the tumultuous love story between human and demon.
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59 comment(s)
Ilham cvr 7 days ago
Please guys sub this drama i love it so much and I Will die for it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
Samarium 222 days ago
could we please please PLEASE get subs for 13-20, please please please? I searched everywhere for them
Humairaa 237 days ago
When will Episode 13 and the rest get English Subtitles?
A.B 286 days ago
Yees!! NEW EP! Thank you!!! :D
Annabelle 291 days ago
Some of the subs are really bad. Example episode 4
A.B 296 days ago
Demon girl is so great!! I really hope you sub more eps!!
Nokiya 297 days ago
Í've been searching more than a month for the eng subbed demon girl, episode 7-10. It is only available in this site. Only half of the episode 6 I downloaded from somewhere is subbed.

A.B 303 days ago
Oh! Ep 10 is here!! *happy* :-D
A.B 304 days ago
Wow! Thank you for subbing!
Good drama! Very interesting! Can't wait for ep 10! :D
Naomi 311 days ago
Hi admin I'm always using Google chrome its has already been updated I don't use any other browser my tablet a galaxy I guess I'll have to wait until my friend comes home to use his Intel and see if its that
ju 313 days ago
i want converter video with size small 360p mp4
Woody 314 days ago
Has it got an old fashioned feel to it? Seems like the camera focus, scenery, speech cadence, and of course mores are old fashioned, plus the coloring brings an old tone to it. I kind of like it.
Remuru 315 days ago
There's a manhua called Demon Girl but you can view it on a3manga.
Admin 316 days ago
@Naomi | It was subbed. Pls change your browser, try to use google chrome
Naomi 316 days ago
I see ep 7 and 8 said sub but its not
Citzuyu 316 days ago
It's getting really good ! Hope there's more to come !
Seresta 316 days ago
I'm thinking weather or not to make subtitles for this episode?
Joseph 319 days ago
I guess veuue drop this show. Last time they put ep 8 as end. Don't bother trying watching it here if you want catch the latest episode of demon girl . Current latest is 14 and veuue Never update it
Phil 319 days ago
Thanks for subbing episode 6😊
Phil 320 days ago
What happened to this show?
bigwalt 322 days ago
did they drop this show? subs have not come in a while.......
joan 324 days ago
Dear Admin, Please Update this Drama... Please....
Anzki 326 days ago
Admin when will this be subbed???Ive been waiting for the update.Thanks!
Cizuyu 328 days ago
Is this still updating?
Michelle 329 days ago
Dear Admin,
Can you please fix Ep 4 and Ep 5? No Eng Subtitles in 360p. Thank you
Joseph 330 days ago
Ep11 is already out. When will you guys be releasing?
Phil 333 days ago
When are new episodes and subs going to come out?? This show is interesting!
Admin 334 days ago
@Johnny | We fixed
Johnny 334 days ago
Dear Admin,
Can you please fix Ep 3? No Eng Subtitles in 360p. Thank you
veronica gina sekine 337 days ago
Admin team thank you.
joan 337 days ago
can some help... i will love that you continue with this drama is just great and i love it... Plese continue the with the inglish sub...Please.....
Star 338 days ago
Hope to see more episodes soon. This drama is great
Jenny 338 days ago
Dear Admin,
Why Ep 3 no Eng Subtitles in 360p version?
Can you please fixed it. Thanks
Admin 339 days ago
@khuc | THank for report. We're fixing. PLs choose other server for watch
khuc 339 days ago
i dont see eng sub in the videos for episode 1
Admin 339 days ago
@Sang Hwa | When subtitle completed
Sang Hwa 339 days ago
Dear Admin, when is the download link for episode 3 going to be put up? Fighting!!!!
WSL 340 days ago
why the theme song is sing in English, when the singer's pronunciation of the lyrics is so poor that one cannot tell the difference rather she is singing in English or Chinese. Seriously, I couldn't hear what she's singing about until I saw the lyrics on the screen. The theme song sounds abhorrent.
Admin 340 days ago
@Rinna | Try with Google Chrome browser
Rinna 341 days ago
Why I dont see the English subtitle in the video for eps 1?
veronica gina sekine 341 days ago
thank you admin sub i like this series 2 hand some beautiful ladys.........
Sang Hwa 341 days ago
@Admin, when will the download link be up for the subbed episodes?
abhie 341 days ago
is this nice?!
saima 341 days ago
thank you admin for your hard work and quick subbing.you guys are really quick in uploading.
Admin 341 days ago
@trueblue | You can find "The Mytstic Nine" on our site
trueblue 341 days ago
Hi @admin, can you upload Chinese drama, The Mystic Nine,starring William Chan and ZLY please?
Ruika 347 days ago
Please sub son i been waiting to watch this show for 6 month when i sw the trailer ...Thanks you guys even watching it without the subs , is awesome
shirley 348 days ago
Thanks Admin for ur hard work.
jajo04 348 days ago
Admin 348 days ago
@shirley | We will update asap
shirley 348 days ago
Can i have download link pls
jajo04 349 days ago
been checking everytime but there is no eng sub yet..even in eps 1
Jajo04 350 days ago
Eng sub plzzzzzzzzz☺️
Admin 350 days ago
We will update engsub asap
San 350 days ago
English sub please. Thank you
jajo04 350 days ago
sub plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
jajo04 350 days ago
admin sub plz
jajo04 350 days ago
why it is there is no subtitles yet
lmjl 351 days ago
Hi Admin when will episodes 5 and 6 be uploaded pls ?
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