FastDrama Dandelion Love - 幸福蒲公英

Dandelion Love - 幸福蒲公英 - Ep25

Category: Taiwan Drama 2013
Genre(s): Romance
Status: Ep25 Country: Taiwan
Language: Taiwanese Subtitle: English
Cast: Tseng Alice, Tang Danson, Lee Sean
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This story is about a girl that came from a fallen rich family and her summoning up her courage towards a road to success. Although she gives an impression of being graceful, on personal level she is actually very "man." She is not afraid to kill a fish nor to take up tough works. The only thing she is afraid of is diving, because at the age of 7 she had almost drowned, which created this fear.

Dandelion Love takes place in the 1960~1980s, this is Danson Tang's first time casted in a role of a character in the 80s. The character he plays is the heir of a hotel. He is cold and unfeeling in the outside, and with a heart that is closed. His words are crude, but he has been waiting for the girl whom he can love.

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