FastDrama Bride of the Water God - 하백의 신부

Bride of the Water God - 하백의 신부 - Ep14

Other name: Habaekui Shinboo, The Bride of Habaek
Category: Korea Drama 2017
Genre(s): Fantasy, Manga, Romance
Release: Jul 3, 2017 Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:50
Episode(s): 16 Status: Ep14 Country: Korea
Broadcast: tvN Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Im Ju Hwan, Krystal Jung, Gong Myung
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Villagers suffer through a prolong drought. The god of water Ha Baek can allow the rain if a a young woman is sacrificed to him as his bride. For the villagers, So-A decides to become Ha Baek's bride. She finally meets Ha Baek, but he is totally different from what she expected.
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Lea Fe Todino 5 days ago
it is nice kdrama and I want to watch all the episode...I will support it and the other Drama's
Lea Fe Todino 5 days ago
it is nice kDrama
angusleochen 8 days ago
@admin, please provide 360 pixel for download
Jin 10 days ago
Why so hard to download???? Used to be easy
Judy 13 days ago
Previously it's so easy to download. Admin, may I know how to download now?
Potato 15 days ago
When will the subtitles for the latest episode be updated. Thank you.
Shii 15 days ago
Admin 15 days ago
@aira cuisona | we still have not updated the caption for episode 10
aira cuisona 15 days ago
no subtittle in episode 10
aira cuisona 15 days ago
no subtittle
Celestina 15 days ago
cannot download the movies from the sites
Mary grace 15 days ago
This page is so cool
Dramafan 19 days ago
Why suddenly I can't watch on your site anymore? It says "Your IP is locked due to invalid access. If wrong, contact us". It was working find last night and suddenly today, I can't open anything at all.
:( 21 days ago
the main server's not working (360/720p) what's going on??
Suni2000 22 days ago
Admin pls hurry up with ep 8 raw ep
andrea 22 days ago
can you please say when you'll be done?
andrea 23 days ago
can you pls hurry with the subs?! I'm dyingggg
Ambika 29 days ago
Can there be an estimation time as to how long we have to wait for the subs?
Admin 29 days ago
@Marjorie | We are so sorry, We are trying to control it
Marjorie 29 days ago
Fastdrama please can you sort out the adverts being shown they are disgusting and inappropriate and they pop up a lot
Marjorie 29 days ago
disgusting can you please sort this problem out ? I tried to watch this drama and repeatedly had inappropriate adverts popping up And also the new format makes it hard to navigate around thanks
Spring 35 days ago
Admin, are you going to change the format of the homepage? It's hard to navigate with the new format :(
Leommy 35 days ago
sorry for the double lines
Leommy 35 days ago
to: ADMIN. I know, that the new site since hdfree is
to: ADMIN. I know that this new site since hdfree should be better with less ads, but nowadays the dramas are constantly stop here and there, it is way more irritating....
UNKNOWN.. 35 days ago
Miss shin and mister nam I love you
Koko 36 days ago
Could you please put sub on ep 4?? Been waiting all day :((
AngelaB. 42 days ago
Like the drama but don't like the female lead. Sorry.
Fan 43 days ago
Does anyone know the song from 2:22?
lili 43 days ago
whaah its here at last!!!!!!! but there are no subtitles yet !!!!! please please please please translate it quickly !!!
Reeree 44 days ago
Finally here! Looking forward since forever