FastDrama Better Man - 我的極品男友

Better Man - 我的極品男友 - Ep60 END

Other name: Wo De Ji Pin Nan You
Category: Taiwan Drama 2016
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Family
Release: Jun 01, 2016 Runtime: Mon - Fri 20:00 - 21:00
Episode(s): 60 Status: Ep60 END Country: Taiwan
Broadcast: SETTV Language: Taiwanese Subtitle: English
Cast: Lin Yo Mei, Tender Huang, Jolin Chien, Lian Yu Han, Shara Lin, Hope Lin
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The Yang brothers have it all — good looks, brains and family background. But each shuns romantic entanglements for his own reasons. Yang Zhen Wei (Lin Yo Wei) is the workaholic oldest brother who only has his mind set on expanding his catering business. Yang Zhen Hao (Tender Huang) is the middle brother who works in the entertainment industry and as a fitness instructor. Yang Zhen Kai (Jolin Chien) is the meticulous youngest brother who has been given the position of CEO of the family empire. How will the brothers handle their emotions when they each meet a woman who turns their perfect worlds upside down? “Better Man” is a 2016 Taiwanese drama series.
59 comment(s)
Foodie 516 days ago
@Brenda- I’ve noticed with T-dramas the story starts to get very very draggy if the drama has more then 20+ episodes. As you’ve said the overall story is good. Its definitely different from other T-dramas I’ve seen. I’m just glad the drama is ending with 60 episodes and not 70. And your very welcome:)
Bridgit 516 days ago
The end is near, only three more until 60. I hope all 3 couples have a happy ending.
AngelaB. 517 days ago
Very boring. Will just watch the end.
Brenda 519 days ago
Foodie, If you look at this story as a whole, its a good story. The Network gets the writers to stretch the story out as much a possible, using filler material and ruining the story. I like the other two couples. But I want to finish it. Thank for your comment.
Bridgit 519 days ago
Will you continue to sub this series? I have noticed that the last episode was subbed four days ago. According to some sites there will only be 60 episodes, if so please continue to sub as we only have 10 more to go.
Foodie 520 days ago
@Brenda- You're right. They do act like siblings instead of lovers. Like you I’ve had enough with the head patting. If I’m not mistaken he has done this in every episode since they officially started dating. I died when she wore that backpack in episode 49. She looked like a kid going to school. I really think the writers are trolling us. This is a complete insult to all 22 year olds.
The writers are milking it for sure. They could have rapped this up in 20 episodes.
Brenda 521 days ago
Foodie, to me the older bother and younger as a couple is so ridiculous, because they act like two affectionate siblings. Who pats their girl friend on the head all the head all the time. So annoying. If they don't end this soon l'm going bored to death. The story is good, the writer are trying to milk it.
Foodie 522 days ago
I really liked the little sister with the older brother, but I’m getting annoyed and I’m slowly losing interest in the couple. It seems that the four characters all had some sort of character develop including the older brother, but the younger sister is still talking like a baby, dresses like a teenager, and acts like an immature kid.
I could not believe she pretended to drown just so she could be saved by her bf and receive a kiss from him. Who does that? If you wanted a kiss you could have either made the first move or gave him hints. The kiss they shared was half ass. We got great kisses from the other two couples, but these two get a peck and then he precedes to pat her head right after. Why does he keep treating her like a kid? He needs to stop patting her dame head every time, and they need to stop rubbing their noses together. They look less of a couple when they do that. Poor casting choice for the younger sister. If they weren’t going to make them act like a couple then they shouldn’t have chosen her. I hope we see some change real soon.
tyler 530 days ago
Yi An (older sister) is an annoying character, she is wishy-washy and is about as interesting as watching paint dry.
cris 533 days ago
The girl receptionist i like and the ceo.
Admin 537 days ago
@MW | Please turn off adblock if you have installed
MW 537 days ago
The download link for ep 39 seems to be faulty
carol 538 days ago
the epi. 3 has not any english subtitles or maybe mine are not coming but plz whatever the case check it asap
mamiof3 541 days ago
agreed Brenda lol. yup i am bored for sure. the love/like stories are not interesting after so many episodes of dragging it out..I think this is the last episode i will be watching for this one..
Brenda 541 days ago
I don't know why Taiwan drama drag the love stories out so many episodes that it
just becomes boring. I like the characters, so am trying to stick it out.
mamiof3 542 days ago
the older sister is annoying. Seriously, is she that annoying that she does not know her own feelings? I mean she gives Mr. Instructor the ok and yet she acts like they are just friends? What an idiot. The younger sister have more sense than her when it comes to relationship, uugghh!!
KatVince 544 days ago
Admin, hoping sub first pls.pls.pls.
Admin 546 days ago
@vian | Ep 33 had download link already
vian 546 days ago
Download link please for ep 33 & ep 34 then eng sub
theresa 547 days ago
admin pls sub episode 33, thank you
KatVince 548 days ago
Admin, pls. Sub the other ep. Pls. Pls
Admin 554 days ago
@vian | THank for report. we'll fix soon
vian 554 days ago
@admin. Why openload for ep 17 just 7min ? please fixed..
Admin 555 days ago
@Anne | thank for report. It's fixed
Anne 555 days ago
Admin ep 26 has no sub
Admin 555 days ago
@vian | We'll add download link soon. thanks
vian 555 days ago
Can we have ep 16-20 download link??
AngelaB. 556 days ago
The nurse is a cold fish and emotionless. She doesn't deserve such a nice guy.
KatVince 557 days ago
Admin, pls sub the other two ep. Pls. Plssss.thanks
Wendy^-^ 559 days ago
Admin the other servers please and thank you for your hard work 😊
mamiof3 560 days ago
The red head sister is a Nurse and she cannot think for herself?? Seriously, her character has no character lol. There is physical weakness and then there is something called common sense and think for yourself. I just think they made her character too weak either way ;)
MW 560 days ago
Can we have the download link from episode 16 onwards?
Vian 561 days ago
Download link please
Admin 561 days ago
@KatVince | Eng sub is not available for Ep22 & Ep23 now. We'll update eng sub asap.
KatVince 561 days ago
Admin why only ep 21
bunny 562 days ago
thank you :)
Admin 562 days ago
@bunny | We fixed. Thank for report
bunny 562 days ago
hi am i the only one who has problem in eng subbing for ep 11 if not can u please fix it admin
KatVince 562 days ago
Sub pls... pls... pls
Me again 562 days ago
Reviews please....
Alex Tan 562 days ago
Admin no sub pls.....
KatVince 562 days ago
Admin, why you took you so long to sub this
vian 563 days ago
please download link ep 15 - 22...
KatVince 564 days ago
Admin, when is the english sub of 20,21 im always looking for the sub.pls and thanks.
KatVince 565 days ago
English sub pls. For ep. 21-22 pls.pls. thanks
KatVince 565 days ago
English sub pls. And theres already ep 21,22
KatVince 566 days ago
English sub pls...pls...thanks
Catherine Santos 566 days ago
Pls. Make it fast the english sub. thanks
Vian 566 days ago
Please fix this series.. Wanna download..
Catherine Santos 566 days ago
Admin, english sub for the ep 20,21 pls pls. Thanks
Catherine Santos 567 days ago
Pls.pls. make it fast the english sub
GWTEJG3EU300HXFN 571 days ago
Not sure why every site is having problems subbing this show. If Veuue would get on the ball (quickly release Eng subs) it could have all the folks following this show come here for it since even (...) is taking way to long to sub now.
Anne 572 days ago
When is the ep 16 and 17 be uploaded?
Admin 574 days ago
@vian | You will have download link soon. Thanks!
vian 574 days ago
Why ep 13 cant download.. Please that link
Koyote 575 days ago
Love this drama Thanks for adding this to your subbing rotation. Please keep up the great work. BTW, episode 14 is out on raw on other sites.

@Admin - I did find a bug when it comes to hard subs & the bottom play controls in Chrome. Specially for the 720 source. I sent detail info thru the general contact link. Please verify that was received. TY
Admin 575 days ago
@Kaye | Pls Wait a few minute. Thanks!
Kaye 575 days ago
Hello admin. When will the ep 13 be sub?
AngelaB 579 days ago
Very enjoyable. Likeable actors.
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