FastDrama Baek Jong Won's Top 3 Chef King - 백종원의 3대천왕

Baek Jong Won's Top 3 Chef King - 백종원의 3대천왕 - Ep103

Category: Korea TVShow 2015
Genre(s): TVShow, Food
Status: Ep103 Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: English
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32 comment(s)
Di 23 days ago
Admin subtitle for episode 100
kucikman 279 days ago
any aoa seolhyun in this show ?
girl 351 days ago
why this week no ep 57 ? can anyone tell me
mini 429 days ago
why is ep46 still not sub? disappointed
Admin 456 days ago
@indra | it had Sub already, Choose server 1 if you can't watch with sub on server 360, 720. Google Chrome with lastest version is recommended.
indra 456 days ago
would u all please tell me how to download the sub? I can't get the sub :'(
Admin 458 days ago
@Azki | Eps 01- 12 will haven't subtitle
Azki 458 days ago
Why it's still not subbed 😥 Heeeellllllpppppp
thricehis 490 days ago
Admin can sub for ep 4 and 8 please?
Stellaaa 501 days ago
Pls sub ep 1-12!!!! There are really many viewers waiting to watch the show, would really really appreciate a lot :'))))))))
Admin 510 days ago
Try again
jenny 510 days ago
admin pls fix the timing, it's not in sync
mimi 541 days ago
please sub ep 1-12
joo 541 days ago
bhdx 545 days ago
can you please subs and upload a show called House Cook Master Baek, thank you.
joo 548 days ago
yes please upload 1-12 without subs! thanks!
silveraaae 554 days ago
thank you admins...but just curious, is there any reason why the subbed videos of ep 16 and 17 can't be downloaded?
dira 558 days ago
please upload episode 1 until 12 without subs, thank youu
Admin 560 days ago
If you can watch without sub, we will update for u
nurul 560 days ago
Admin,Please upload episode 1-12
Kman 567 days ago
Ep 16-19 no subtitles
Admin 570 days ago
dhee 570 days ago
sory the sub didnt come out
Admin 571 days ago
We only provide video with subtitles attached.
sf 571 days ago
how do i download the subs? thank you
Rachel 585 days ago
I want to request 1-12 :)
joo 596 days ago
i want to request episodes 1-12!
Joaana 597 days ago
Do you have ep1 to ep13? I missed it badly.... : (
cherry 602 days ago
where is eng sub for ep 16-19?
cherry 609 days ago
Admin, thank you soooo muchhhh!!
Admin 609 days ago
we will record all your requests.
cherry 609 days ago
Finally!! I waiting soo long!! Thank you sooo much!! I want to episode 13-19.. :) if you want to check from Jong Won's Top 3 Chef King
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