FastDrama Anywhere Somewhere Nowhere - 到不了的地方

Anywhere Somewhere Nowhere - 到不了的地方

Other name: Dao Bu Liao De Di Fang
Category: Taiwan Movie 2014
Genre(s): Drama
Status: Completed Country: Taiwan
Language: Taiwanese Subtitle: English, Chinese
Director(s): Leading Li Writer(s): Leading Li
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After the passing of his father, young director Li Ming (Lin Bo Hong, Sweet Alibis) embarks on a cross-country journey with Tai Ke (Bryant Chang, Eternal Summer), a swimming coach he's only met a few times before. Li Ming intends to find the place in Taroko where he had a bowl of lily soup with his father as a child, while Tai Ke is eager to fulfill his dream of swimming with flying fish. The two traverse all over Taiwan, passing by six different cities, all the while meeting colorful locals, eating delicious food and learning more about themselves.
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