FastDrama Always Spring - 언제나 봄날

Always Spring - 언제나 봄날 - Ep122 END

Other name: Eonjena Bomnal, Always Spring Day
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Melodrama, Romance
Release: Oct 31, 2016
Episode(s): 120 Status: Ep122 END Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: English
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Through the comparison of conditional and pure love, this drama looks into the understanding of realistic love and marriage by the young generation today and looks for the true meaning of love and marriage.

102 comment(s)
AlwaysShit 261 days ago
Correct name for this drama is Always Shit. And just like 90% of KDrama's now. The good guys are so retarded that you eventually loose all interest on them.

The writer just keep piling on layer after layer. To the point that there is no point of rooting by the dumbest, naive, pathetic supposedly good guys. They are so pathetic that the crap that happens to them ends up being their fault since they are so blind to any reality. So eventually you end up not giving a crap or rooting for the corporate hunter. At least those assholes will know what to do with it.
mali 275 days ago
Hi Admin,
Please help get ep. 78 to 80 sub asap. Thank-you in advance.
spanza_ 299 days ago
When will ep 62 be posted please
Janet 302 days ago
@Lin, I have stopped watching this draggy show completely. Out of curiosity I came in to read comments & saw your note from 8 days ago. See you around at other dramas. Cheers
Lin 307 days ago
Never seen a drama that goes on round and round with the same scenes for a month long. Same vile, same uninspiring scenes,
Lin 310 days ago
Still no subs, anyway not much to loose anyway.
Mali 310 days ago
Hi Admin,
Why does the english subtitle take so long to be sub???????? I just do not understand. When is episode 50 onwards be sub, please advise. Thanks.

When is ep
Lin 310 days ago
@Janet, the frustrating thing is having to watch evil scheming, shinanigans, they all are back stabbing each other from the adults to their children except In-Tae and YH. They make the drama watchable. IJ is two faced cow who still can't tell the truth, the viper evil twin and Yuri at least their greed is open for everyone to see. The CEO is like not there anymore fighting for his love for IJ just more evil stuff.
Janet 316 days ago
@Lin, I will take a break for now and may come back when the drama reaches episode 60 or so. It looks like so many of us dont like IJ, she is not an open person and I dont enjoy looking at her not so pretty face, hair and clothing. Bye for now ..
Lin 319 days ago
@IJ is more evil than her twin, she pretends to be nice but her face says different, either she is jealous of nice looking girls, I don't think even if she cleans up she will look cool. All the time she looks or dresses as an old lady going to the market. At least we all established how greedy and evil her twin is it's out in the open, but IJ has too many secrets. Find her boring.
Janet 320 days ago
@Lin, I doubt the baby's dad is the vampire eye brow guy. IJ onlyp met him when she started working at the same company. Looks like IJ is not popular with many viewers for some reason. I dont like her evil twin who is now trying to return to her old home because of GREED. I think many of us will give up this show because it's starting to drag with no new developments. IJ's father is bitter about his life and he is heartless towards his real father. I have started skipping episodes and may drop it altogether. Sorry for my late response Lin. I am watching a few other more interesting dramas now.
Lin 323 days ago
@Janet could the vampire eye brow, wide mouth be IJ' s baby daddy? IJ is more sinister, wicked, sneaky, liar, two faced than that evil twin. I prefer evil twin who is open, nasty and doesn't hide the fact she wants the company whereas IJ and her father aren't realistic. Why are they always lying about things those two? To me their bitterness of life is occluding their thinking capabilities.
Lin 324 days ago
Is that really true then, The little girl isn't YHs. Sad sad sad.
spanza_ 326 days ago
@Admin, ep 43 please
Arishia 326 days ago
I'd like to turn off adblocker, but when I do, streaming is terrible. It's all jerky and unwatchable.
Lin 327 days ago
@Admin, why doesn't the drama get subbed as often as regular dramas, I don't even see it in popular dramas list. Had it been subbed quicker, wouldn't that benefit the popularity? Seeing it's not bad but has annoying characters, one would like to hear what nonsense they spout.
Janet 328 days ago
@Lin, I am getting tired with so many characters here I dont know if I want to continue watching this. So the evil twin is a murderer, goodness me. I am still ok with IJ so far but her father, MS, like you said suffers from inferiority complex big time. I bet deep down in his heart he wants to live a rich life, he's just a hyprocrite and coward ...
Lin 328 days ago
@Janet, the big nose squint evil twin killed her grandfather. Somebody has to make her take responsibility for her actions. YH does even flinch in her direction, why she doesn't get tired I don't know. I hate IJ for being selfish like her dad Minsuik. They have severe inferiority complexes that make them stick to poverty by judging people with money differently. Whilst the pimp and his greedy little brother try to embezzle money through some rough shod company I hope the end up in prison. As for Minsuik, I would live him be in his rags and rotten truck. You would think having such a wide forehead as IJ gives your brain more working space. But nope,
Janet 332 days ago
@Admin, subs are showing now. I use only Chrome to watch dramas on my Samsung tablet, thanks.
Admin 333 days ago
@Janet | try again with chorme
Janet 333 days ago
@Admin, the subs are not showing for Ep 35 & 36. Is it just me I wonder. Thank you.
Admin 335 days ago
@spanza_ | PLs wait 10 minutes
spanza_ 335 days ago
@Admin, waiting on episode 36 please
Janet 336 days ago
@Lin, so you are also giving up this drama, I dont blame you. I will stick around a bit longer and see if I can tolerate Minsuk and the evil twin sister and the spoilt daughter of HG.
Lin 338 days ago
@Janet, you haven't missed much, it's still Merry go round. The DNA storyline has gotten pathetic, MS pledging to stay poor, playing hero of no benefit, the ugly big nose evil twin turned Jessica Fletcher the investigator. It seems there is no solution to their quandary, what makes it more boring as well is there are no subs to months on end. I have given this one up. The female lead IJ looks cruel and horrible like her twin sister. Then wide mouth dude and the ex prosecutor are too weak, and by the way, HG's wardrobe changed from Pimp style to slightly better. MS has severe inferiority complex to an annoying state. His real dad is old and may go to heaven soon, I would like to know him and make up for the lost times. But hey, it looks like the writer is going round mountain Kilimanjaro, I bet anyone can predict this drama. The rich old man dies, and HG refuse to give the riches to stupid MS, the twins scratch each other's eyes, evil twin goes back to her family since she knows they are the real deal. The end.
Lin 342 days ago
@Admin eng subs please and thank you.
Janet 344 days ago
@Foodie, no worries, I find certain parts very boring and had thought of giving up at times but I will continue watching this show cos it is getting more interesting ...
Foodie 344 days ago
@Janet- I'm not watching this boring show (lol sorry if I offended anyone). I'm only on here so I could respond to your comment(s).
Foodie 344 days ago
@Lin- Already saw the first two episodes of Seven Kisses and I loved every minute of it. It's a shame it's only 10 minutes, but I do understand why.
You should watch Goblin if you aren't already doing so. The drama itself is amazing
Lin 345 days ago
@Janet, @Foodie, the 7 kisses is a fantasy thingy, but it is quite good. Lots of eye candies not as hot as the main lead from woman with a suitcase. The eye candies are lacking in charm, stature and the vavavum thing. Materialistic stuff the posses glosses them but that from boys to man aura is missing. We are watching this drama. It's got quite a few story lines.
Janet 345 days ago
@Foodie. Do give the webtoon a try, its pretty good and another one titled 7 kISSES or something like that. Good too, many girls are drooling over the 7 male actors. The producers have selected the best of the best looking korean actors, lol.
Janet 345 days ago
@Foodie, Disqus wont let me post my long msg too, so I will respond via shorter msgs here. The movie I recommended was simply titled, BLIND starring Kim Haeul, very good.
Janet 345 days ago
@Lin, just changed my email address on this site, seems ok now.
Janet 345 days ago
@Foodie, my long msg to you has been copied to Disqus ...
Janet 345 days ago
@Foodie @Lin, I have trouble posting comments here ...
Janet 345 days ago
@Foodie, I am glad you are watching this show. I thought you had dropped it after ep 7. I just posted Lin a question, perhaps you could also help me ? Thanks
Janet 345 days ago
@Lin, I need your help my dear girl ... I doze off very often if I lie in bed watching dramas, it could also be my bad memory. Can you let me know how MS knew about the babies being switched during a fire ? I can only remember he did a DNA test. Would appreciate your help, thanks Lin.
Lin 345 days ago
@ Foodie, @Janet, you are right, the drama is quite different. The Pimp is giving his real dad the liver. IJ's evil twin will regret being adopted should sides switch.
Foodie 345 days ago
@Lin- It's so good. It's one of those drama where the expectation is low, but once you get to the third episode you wonder how you could have ever thought it would suck.
Foodie 345 days ago
@Janet- There's actually a reason why he is being distant and fierce to the female lead. It's explained it in episode 2 (if you haven’t watched it yet). Lol, sometimes my judgment hasn’t been the best so if you feel like you aren’t into it anymore I would understand.

I read the synopsis for the webtoon and I was planning on passing it, but since you’re liking it I’ll give it a chance.

Lol I noticed our interest has been different, but there have been past dramas that we liked, and we also liked Woman With a Suitcase and You Are a Gift. I’m sure we’ll find another drama we both will like in the coming year.

Oh, by the way what was the movie you recommend me to watch? I usually bookmark any recommendations I get, but I forgot to do it that time.
Janet 346 days ago
@Lin, I bet you were watching the raw episodes, I had a fast look at episode 29 and it is really getting more interesting. The only snag is I cant stand the shameless sister of IJ and the rapper's sister and their fierce determination to go after the men they fancy even though the guys show no interest at all !!

The secret seems to be out already ? I dont know what happened in epi 29 but there was a lot of commotion and crying (MS's mum). Anyway I hope your friends will choose this series after HCL ends.
Lin 346 days ago
@Janet, the most frustrating issue is this drama is so good, why it don't get subbed God knows. Since HCL is coming to an end soon, my friends seem to have picked this one, so it's not yet predictable as many Kdramas but looks like it may go that way soon. I hope they swap fathers and the Pimp get to live life as minysuik for a change. I would like to see the Pimp look after his delinquent tall father for a change. MS never hot yo see his real mum why must he gave an opportunity to live a little with his dad at least.
Janet 346 days ago
@Lin, I won't watch without subs, very frustrateng ...

Unrelated ... just found an interesting China made romance/comedy with Korean stars. Female lead is Lee Da Hae. Title - Secret Lover, seems nice.
Lin 346 days ago
@Janet the events are getting crazy but it's me making assumptions no eng subs.
Janet 346 days ago
@Lin, hahaha, I didnt notice the rings but the shoes, neck ties (he doesnt carry them well cos he doesnt have a neck) ... lol
Lin 346 days ago
@Janet you crack me up 😂 , I dint even notice the pimp wearing lenseless glasses, now do you understand why I call him a pimp. Those shoes, neck 👔, that white pasted make up those rings. Do you know something, he dresses just like his real dad. They both dress like those quality sweets, found in shops this festive season.
Janet 347 days ago
@Lin, why is the fake son wearing glasses without lenses. Cant the stylists put in plain lens ...
Lin 347 days ago
That was fixed quicker than subs.
Lin 347 days ago
@Admin, episode 28 & 29 are the same thing.
Janet 347 days ago
@Lin, saw the pink lipstick already, it's suppose to make him pale since he sick.
Janet 347 days ago
@Lin, I must look at the pink lipstick on my eye candy's wide mouth, haha and what an apt description you gave to Rapper's very short man dad with no neck - pimp, lol. There are many annoying characters coming out now - tall monster like grandpa of IJ, the pimp, the ostrich and evil twin sister. She indeed has a squint, noticed by you.
Lin 347 days ago
@Foodie, I haven't watched it yet, but I will soon. @Janet, that evil twin's mother reminds me of an ostrich, long neck, little face. The most annoying character is the man who dresses like a pimp, that's the hottie, Rapper's dad. That pink lipstick they apply on wide mouth male lead doesn't do him any justice. Wide mouth and the other guy are scheming on revenge get the pimp. I wonder what he did to their parents.
Janet 347 days ago
@Lin, I agree IJ's mum is the prettiest female here. She looks even better and elegant in a rich wife's role. OMG the aunt looks so 'plasticky', I am sure she had her face under the knife more than once.
Janet 347 days ago
@Foodie, so sweet of you to check my comments here as promised. I will make this the last one since you have dropped this drama. I really like the second male lead but I don't dislike the lead either.

Hahaha, Behind Your Smile - I finished episode 1 and my opinion of the male lead is still the same but you may be right, I should watch another hour and see how he smiles. Epi 1 had him looking fierce or distant. I trust your opinion and will give it another shot. I found a new web toon titled Thousand Year Love or something like that. Short and light ...

It looks like my interest in dramas differ from yours or many others. I am now wondering if I am weird, hehehe. So Weightlifting Fairy reminds you of your uni days, good that you can relate to it.
Foodie 347 days ago
@Janet- Aww Janet, you really like the second lead male don’t you. So, this is going to turn into like You Are a Gift, great. If he does seek revenge then it’s a sure fact that the female lead is going to end up with rapper.

Whaaaat you think the male lead in Behind Your Smile isn’t that good looking. Girl, you are killing me here, haha. I find him to be dreamy especially when he smiles. You need to watch the full hour of the show and continue to stare at the screen. I guarantee you’ll fall for him then.

You need to watch Weightlifting Fairy…It’s really good. Takes me back to me university days. I feel so warm and cozy inside whenever I watch it. I think Lin is also watching it too (please correct me if I’m wrong Lin).
Janet 347 days ago
@Lin, oh dear subs are delayed by a minute, hope it's ok now.
Janet 347 days ago
@Lin, wow subs are finally done, was waiting impatiently.
Admin 347 days ago
@Lin | we're fixing now. Thanks
Lin 347 days ago
@Admin, eng subs in episode 22 and 23 are rather delayed by 1 minute to what the actors are saying. 23 has incomplete eng subs. Thanks for the few eng subs.
Lin 348 days ago
So, the real son agreed to donate his liver to his real dad, it's what I figure is happening. Then they can't switch back, because he is a greedy cow.
Foodie 348 days ago
@Janet-I feel like he would make a great villain since he has the eyebrows for it. I’ve read a few comments saying that he may change into a villain. Is this based off of a guess or is he slowly showing signs?
Like you said there is always always one family member that screws everyone over, and almost always it has to do with money. I’ve noticed this is more prevalent in daily dramas.
Yes, that was the one I was referring to.
Janet you are so sweet for trying one more episode for my sake. I really hope you come to like it. Do you dislike the male lead because of his looks or because of how he is treating her?
Oh, have you tried Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo?
Lin 348 days ago
Is drama not popular in Korea ? Maybe that is why we can't get it subbed.
Lin 349 days ago
@Admin, eng subs please.
Lin 350 days ago
@Janet he has no charm or sex appeal. He would do better as a villian. Among the female actors, if IJ 's mother, she is the prettiest. IJ's aunt 's face resembles and ostrich, the one who adopted her evil twin. Still no subs.
Janet 350 days ago
@Lin, hahaha why is Mr Wide Mouth not popular. Someone else don't like him too. The rapper is ok ... female lead is not ...
mali 350 days ago
Hi Admin,
Still no sub??
Why does it takes so long?? Please help to get ep. 21 to 25 sub....thanks in advance.
Lin 351 days ago
@Janet I was talking about your eye candy the wide mouth lad. I can actually dose off just watching him, whereas the Baby day is cute and trendy. He oozes with charm. Again baby mama needs to sort the daddy issues her little girl is having. Allowing Mr wide mouth, who is making himself a substitute daddy won't help her daughter.
Janet 352 days ago
@Lin, funny I thought about how corporations are run in Korea too seeing how these are portrayed in k-dramas. It's as if they are managed haphazardly with rampant bribery, misuse of power, embezzlement, and what have you. It's as if there is no law there. The drama writers will need professional help especially corporate governance and also legal matters. Hey, Lin what are we talking about now, hahaha.
Lin 352 days ago
@Janet, the other waste of space grand dad, who lives in In Jung's home, is just annoying, I am sure his wife knew that MS was not her son but kept it quiet. HJ has no sex appeal, him and IJ have no chemistry at all. What surprises me is how these companies are run in Korea if that is true. There is no company structure, misuse of power, abuse, fraud, and who investigates, this is all shite, truth be told. If the drama has to promote the corporate side of Korean businesses let them at least be professional for a change.
Janet 353 days ago
@Foodie, HJ's smile & eyebrows are his weak points, I dont look too closely at them since I still like him, if he changes into to a villain later, I will probably drop the show cos there are too many annoying characters in the show. The tall grandfather looks like a monster and scares me at times. He is what someone describes as a delinquent parent and OMG k-dramas have just about one or two in each show. It could be a brother, father, uncle (Man Staying at my house). It's a big drain on the family. The rapper seems to have changed and is now doing his job seriously. Hate the sister, rude and a spoilt brat.

I will complete Here Comes Love although I have dropped many others. OK, will try out the Taiwanese series recommended by you. I have seen The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog years ago. Are you referring to that old one or is there a new one ? I did try 1 episode of Behind Your Smile but I dont like the male lead although the female lead is very pretty and sweet, might continue since you like it.
Janet 353 days ago
@Lin, Man Living at my house - dropped it even though I really like the male lead. The bitchy stewardess is one reason, next one is the stalker who is so obsessed with the male lead, but I kinda like her brother. Like u said, the drama is very unrealistic.
Lin 353 days ago
Thanks admin
Lin 353 days ago
@Janet, I am thinking of dropping the Man living at my house too. Why? I hate how that other bitchy air hostess just moved to main lead's village even though she had to connectivity to main lead or village. I thought it was very stupid. Who does that. Who budges into someone 's house they don't even like, just a co-workers. The drama is too unrealistic for my liking.
Lin 354 days ago
@Admin, eng subs please. Thanks
Lin 355 days ago
@Admin thanks for fixing the other issue, any chance on eng subs.
Admin 356 days ago
@Lin | we will fix soon. pls wait
Lin 356 days ago
@Admin episode 20not loading, instead 21 is.
Foodie 356 days ago
@Janet-Not surprised you dropped Man Staying…I’m not feeling the spark that I did when I started it. Will continue to watch though since I like the leads.

I find Hyun Joon sister’s voice annoying. HJ himself creeps me out with his smile, and the eyebrows aren’t helping him. The female leads grandfather is annoying. I can’t believe he put them in debt twice. The drama makes it sound like $50,000 (I think it was 50,000) is pocket change when it’s not. The rapper is your typical male lead that’s arrogant, rude, and violent to the female lead and most likely will end up with the lead girl. For once I would like to see the nice guy getting the girl.

Can’t believe you’re still powering through Here Comes Love. You’re a true solider Janet.

Why don’t you try Behind Your Smile? It’s a new Taiwanese drama, and so far it’s good.
You should also try Princess Stand In and Prince Who Turns Into A Frog. Both were really good.
Janet 357 days ago
@Lin, are you still watching this ? Episode 17 was slow and boring ...
Janet 357 days ago
@Foodie. I fully understand, I am still enjoying it. There are times when I feel bored too especially the appearance of the rich spoilt loud mouthed sister of the rapper. I dont know if I will drop this eventually ...

I gave Golden Pouch and Person Who Gives Happiness a short try each and dont think I like the plots but who knows I may watch them later for want of something to see since I have nothing much on my plate now. I dropped Man Staying at My House, skipped through 1% of Anything (done now). I am still watching a japanese series, a bit silly but quite hilarious and Here Comes Love (just waiting to see justice down).
Foodie 357 days ago
@Janet- I’m dropping this drama. Got up to ep. 7 and I’m very bored. It feels like a 60 minute drama instead of a 30 minute one. It’s shame since I was looking forward to the drama. Oh well, I’m enjoying Golden Pouch and Person Who Gives Happiness (new drama) very much. You and Lin should check it out if you haven’t already done so.
Janet 358 days ago
@Lin, the CEO is investigating KJN's father. He must have done something to Mr Wide Mouth's family and it could be revenge he wants. The annoying characters have started appearing, KJN's sister is such a loud mouthed spoilt female.
spanza_ 358 days ago
Hi Admin, wandering if episode 20 didn't air on Friday please
Lin 359 days ago
@Janet, I have been watching it, just no subs is the problem. Liking KJN still, I feel that the CEO investigating things but what I don't know since I don't understand the language.
Janet 360 days ago
@Lin, i just came in to watch episode 13 and so far the drama is ok by me. I wish the female lead is some other actress, I'd prefer a pretty and sweet one but then I suppose they have to choose someone tomboyish since she is soldier.

I must check out the squint, real nasty character. I hope Mr wide mouth will not turn into someone nasty later and that Mr red hair will get to know he has a daughter.
Lin 364 days ago
@Janet man who try to please your child at first encounter is categorized as a creep. Mr wide mouth is too pally pally for my liking. He deserves IJ with eyes on her forehead really. I hope Mr musician gets to know about his daughter too. IJ isn't my cup of tea for a female lead role. Then the nasty twin with a tiny squint. I understand the Korean audience loves such dramas where there is aggressive tendencies from characters, that's why they will enjoy this.
Janet 364 days ago
@Lin, hahaha I know what you mean by skipping episodes. I just hope this writer/s wont take us thru circles just to get to a point. One daily drama did just that, of course I stopped watching after only some episodes and returned to see epi 120 last night. OMG, the police had just caught up with the villian after more than 100 episodes !!

Lin, the twins can have Mr Red Hair, I root for the CEO (Jack Nicholson look-alike) he'd better not turn into a baddie later on. Right now he seems very helpful and kind to In Jung and even carried her daughter to the hospital. He wasnt even shocked to see the little girl nor In Jung's marital status.
Lin 364 days ago
@Janet it's just his wide thin mouth. JI sounds like the main lead with her twin. They may be fighting over red hair soon. Since it's a long drama, I bet those two old man who were exchanged from birth won't swap sides till the last 10 or so episodes. So at some point I may have to skip episodes depending how bad they get.
Janet 365 days ago
@Lin, I like this series although there are several mean women and men around but these are not as bad as the villains in other daily shows. I wonder who the male lead is, the CEO or the musician. I know you prefer the shorter one with orange coloured hair but I prefer the tall one who you said has a ugly smile like Jack Nicholson's, hahaha.
frajos 365 days ago
off topic, please can you uploading for yang and nam show "양남자쇼"? please thanks!!
Lin 366 days ago
@Janet I haven't watched a confusing drama from an early start as this one. Women are mean from start, except for the CEO airhead little sister. Minsk looking for his dad who is just under his nose is the only guy who isn't mean or calculative as the rest of those old man who work for that company.
Lin 367 days ago
@Admin thank you for subs😘
Janet 368 days ago
@Lin. Thanks for the write-up. I think I will continue watching this show. Not too sure about the other daily (Golden Pouch).
Lin 368 days ago
@Anita I hope you have watching this conundrum drama.
Lin 368 days ago
@Janet, it looks the lead female has a child with the cute one who loves music, then somehow, when she had a cleaning job at some columbium where the other Ugly guy with a wide mouth!s parents are, she left a meal for him because he spent most of his time there not eating. To be honest I wish she went back to baby daddy who is cute too. However now the conundrum begins. The cute guy musician' s father was swapped during a fire, his grandad actual is the tall guy who is grandad to his baby mama. The rich old boy who was saved by his baby mama isn't his grandad. The rich old boy is grandad to his baby mama. How they switch that back to normal God knows. That old man needs a kidney and he is only actually related to the second son and his grand grand daughter.
Janet 369 days ago
@Lin, good to see you here. I hope you don't mind if I check something with you regarding the two guys. I have an unstable connection right now and can't watch dramas smoothly, keeps breaking off, so I think I missed out certain parts. I am on epi 2 now. Can you tell me whether the two guys know the female lead previously or had they just met somewhere, both of them seem to like her a lot. I see the tall guy running around trying to look for her in a building and the rapper stopped his car when he saw her walking by ... btwn these 2 I prefer the tall one, I have not seen this one before. thanks.
Lin 369 days ago
@Admin, are there any eng subs coming up for the 4 outstanding episodes?
Lin 369 days ago
@Janet, the only annoying thing is subs never come in this drama, Between the 2 guys who like her, I like the funky one, I find the tall one boring and he's got an ugly smile. Reminds me of Jack Nicholson acting as a clown , that wide mouth, I just realised the man playing the son of the rich old man already knew he wasn't his real dad. I bet he knew the vegetable selling guy min suk was the really son.
Janet 370 days ago
@Lin, I am trying out this series & I think I may enjoy it, just hope we wont be taken around in circles. Dont quite like the female lead ...
Lin 373 days ago
I am sorry admin for sounding like a broken record, from continuously asking for subs. Please can we have subs please.
Lin 376 days ago
Still no subs
Lin 377 days ago
@Admin, eng subs please. Thank you
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